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"What revolution are you looking for?" - the Venezuelan said to the American

I have a 'rEVOLution' magnet on my truck.
I work at a fairly large E&P company in Houston.
Many vehicles in our garage are blank aside from a few browning, romney, obama etc stickers.
A month or so ago, SOS Venezuela has appeared on the backs of some of the Latin American employee's cars.

No one has ever asked or commented about my stickers except the 1 other Ron Paul guy in the building. But this morning, a female co-worker of mine, from Venezuela, pinged me and asked,
"What revolution are you looking for?"
I realized she meant my ron paul magnet.

I told her it was a 'peaceful political revolution'.
She became upset and began to explain that Revolution has a very negative connotation in Latin America. This friend of mine has been in the states for about 5 years or so, speaks decent english but always asks about lesser known idioms and dialects.

She explained that the Chavez government was very corrupt. Though that regime talked about the wealthy being evil, the people at the top would confiscate all of that wealth and give to their cronies. And it was a 'revolution' that brought Chavez in power, a revolution of poor against rich. But many people died, and envy was the driving factor and ultimately nothing changed. As many of you know Venezuela has a lot of natural resources that would otherwise make a country prosperous if used correctly. But she says her family back home are in extreme poverty. She says if a Revolution ever came to the USA, she would leave and doesn't want to be a part of it again. It reinforced the cultural perspective and history between Mexico/South America and USA and Canada to me and how we view Revolution.

She asked why we don't like our current standards, but to her, maybe our current state is much better than in Venezuela. I explained the lobbyist and politician revolving door the best I could. She had a lot of questions and apparently didn't have a direct translation of lobbyist. I gave her the model of CEO -> Politician -> CEO/Lobbyist which pretty much sums up our predicament. She responded that they have a saying of "He he writes the laws, cheats them" and I told her that that was a fairly accurate analogy.

I had to end our conversation to leave for a meeting but she said she will ask more questions later.

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Another scummy contractor who likes Ron Paul.

I work for an EPC that has offices in Houston (Sugarland). But I'm on assignment in Saudi.

I've seen Ron Paul signs on the freeway overpasses in Bahrain! Tire burning and Arabic graffiti on all the compound walls, APC's at all the major intersections. That's some r3VOLution for ya! The power elite keepin' the man down, SSDD.

Maduro Responds:

Venezuela President Nicolas Madura, in an exclusive interview with The Guardian published Tuesday, says the United States is actively fomenting a 'slow motion coup' in his country, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing his democratically elected government as a way to gain more profitable access to its vast oil resources.

Maduro says claims the street protests are at least partly being fueled by U.S.-backed operatives, and defends this position by pointing to more than 100 years of history of Washington interference in Latin America as well as new details contained in files leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden — both of which make clear what U.S. intentions continue to be towards those who resist the military and economic dominance of the U.S. and its allies.

"Is 100 years of intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean not enough: against Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Grenada, Brazil?" he said to the Guardian. "Is the coup attempt against President Chávez by the Bush administration not enough? Why does the US have 1,000 military bases in the world? To dominate it. I have told President Obama: we are not your backyard anymore."

Maduro claims that the CIA led opposition forces in his country are following the same model as the U.S. supported anti-government protesters that recently overthrew the government of Ukraine.

When the reality of free

When the reality of free energy, the ability of every individual to defend oneself ala 2nd amendment, and a abiding love for life, all materialize, revolutions will be a curious thing of the past. It's coming, this is the threshold, be grateful for living now, to see this change taking place.

Don't Forget

...to point out the "EVOL" p@rt to her. (It's possible she missed it).

That thought was on my mind

That thought was on my mind but i don't think I had a chance to work it in. I'll tell her tomorrow.

Southern Agrarian

This is false information

According to the United Nations, Venezuela now has the lowest income inequality in the region.

Under Chavez and Maduro, statistics show that Poverty Rates have been reduced dramatically — from 49 percent in 1998 down to 25.4 percent in 2012. This is an amazing and courageous transformation! In the same period, extreme poverty has diminished from 21 percent down to 6 percent (you'll never see something like that in the friggin United States will you?).

Flagship universal health care and education programs have been created that are free to Venezuela citizens nationwide, by using the revenue generated from the Venezuelan oil directly (not taxes). Private Oil Companies clearly don't like that of course. Let's see Exxon-Mobile or Halliburton do that!!!!

The claims that Venezuela has a deficient democracy and that current protests represent "mainstream sentiment" are propaganda and belied by the facts. Jimmy Carter investigated International Elections and deemed Venezuela the very best in the World (the people get hard-copy receipts for their votes, and the voting is transparently audited). The antigovernment protests are being carried out by people in the wealthier segments of society who seek to reverse the gains of the democratic process that have benefited the vast majority of the people.

A lot of the Venezuela Media is still owned by the original, oldtime rich oligarchs, and (of course) the CIA and Western Media, and the Oil Companies want to foment unrest and re-take control of Venezuela and recreate a 1%-rich and 99%-poor situation again.

There does remain a lot of problems in Venezuela such as high crime, inflation, and unfortunately efforts by the CIA to stir up political unrest and manipulate shortages and corruption with CIA-front covert operations.

If the U.S. and CIA would just get out of the damn way, then Venezula would be much better off and be able resolve their own problems with much less turbulence. This is also the Ron Paul position.

Take away the OIL there, and nobody in the U.S. would even be complaining about Venezuela.
Take away the CIA influence, and nobody from that area would be brainwashed into trying to undermine the general progress there.

When you cut poverty in half, you are obviously moving in the right direction. A lot of people just hate the existence of a positive example set anywhere in the World. The Oligarchs and OIL Theives clearly do.

Statoil, Halliburton, and

Statoil, Halliburton, and Exxon all have very nice company health insurance programs and benefits compared to other small employers. Statoil has been successful in Norway and Denmark with funding social welfare programs and universities but they traded that for nationalization and zero competition. Those are 2 fairly homogeneous countries though. I'm doubtful such a thing would work in the states. One good thing about mega corporations is they can absorb the costs of insurance and retirement benefits for its employees. Statoil is known even in the states to have one of the most progressive benefit programs.

Southern Agrarian

Halliburton and Exxon are mass murderers!

Please....cut the crap.

Halliburton and Exxon Mobile are Worldwide bloody-thirsty mass murderers!

And any "health care" from them is just another (for-profit) insurance company run piece of garbage -- which we knows is a ripoff -- with rising co-pays, rising deductibles .. like all Insurance company plans (except for the kind that The Congress, and some CEOs get).

I never denied they had an

I never denied they had an awful company history (Standard Oil, Cheney, etc), but thanks for the succinct reminder.

Southern Agrarian

Well done. Balancing agent.

I can verify the statistics you cite, I've seen them too. And part of the problems Venezuela is having right now are because we've made it difficult for them to do international business as part of punitive sanctions resulting from Chaves' refusal to do things our way.

Absolutely true.

And left to itself, well Venezuela elected Maduro and they can elect somebody else next time.

My rather extensive posts on the subject tend to focus on the downsides but I think you'll see the balance.

We mainly get fed with propaganda from both sides. The middle is where we most often find the truth in this case.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

You're right, leave em alone...

Any insights on the purported food rationing, lack of TP at any price, or currency controls? What was income inequality like in the old Soviet Union? Was it better or worse than Venezuala now? Any UN data on that? If everyone is equally poor, does that constitute "success." Citation links would help. Thanks.

Cyril's picture

+1. Case in point.

+1. Case in point.

CIA interference or not, it's always oh so much easier to blame foreign powers, instead of getting a clue about the socialist planners and thieves you've installed by yourself to screw you, without vaseline, yet with lots of sweet-to-hear* class warfare dialectic, isn't it?

Just wait to hear about the bad, bad, bad, evil russians and chinese guilty of "attacking" with their commodities the Great Amerikan Democracy and its plunging "money".

* "sweet to hear"... well, for the takers, that is.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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"The poor" against "the rich". Same old, same old.

Revolutions of "the poor" against "the rich" never end otherwise than in "managers" ruling over "the managed".

If in need of clues :

Look at the French one.

Look at the bolsheviks one.


People hardly ever learn to recognize the demagogues.

If at all.

The american revolution was promising because it focused on "people without rights" against "the arbitrary ruler". The incentive to protect the individual's rights emerged naturally.

Too bad it eventually got neglected, in turn.

You don't see the value of your freedoms and of your true rights until you start losing them.

And these days, some people can't even see it. Including in this country.

Depressing, here.

For, fudging tiring.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Read The People's Pottage by GG

Tell her that, as per Garet Garrett, "The Revolution Was" in this country and it came in the night during the Depression singing songs to freedom. Also tell her ya need that reserve currency thingy defended at all costs by perpetual war in order to raise the debt ceiling to "pay the bills." Otherwise, we are Venezuala.

Well, when the money runs out

Well, when the money runs out it will get ugly here. It is a finite resource like any other. Only Love is eternal.

It will get violent, but not everywhere.

"I know you boys like em sloppy". The Lunch Lady

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I look forward to the dialogue.

Samantha's father was born in Shanghai in the 1920's. He lived through the Japanese invasion, the civil war, and ultimately the Communist revolution in 1949.

He was "drafted" by the Nationalists, aka the Kuomintang or the KMT as they're known for short. By "drafted" it means he was walking down the street one day when a gang of thugs came along and said, "You're with us now."

The KMT was born of the Revolution of 1911, when Dr. Sun Yat Sen overthrew the old imperial dynastic order and formed the Republic of China on the Mainland, which was ultimately overthrown by the Communists in the counterrevolution of 1949.

Luckily - if you can call it that - it was the KMT that grabbed him and not the Communists, because eventually he ended up in Taiwan, and not in Communist China.

The communists put the KMT on the run, and they retreated to Taiwan. There they formed The Republic of China on Taiwan in 1949, with the intention of eventually going back to recapture the mainland.

Well, that never happened.

As Mao is rumored to have said, A revolution is not a dinner party.

There are stages to revolution. There comes the push and then the counterpush: The revolution and the counterrevolution. The rule of law gets thrown out the window. It becomes a free for all.

That is why there is so much consternation over a potential Constitutional Convention: Open the door a crack, and it blows right off the hinges and the tornado sweeps through everything.

Maybe that is necessary. But don't think that just because you want it to turn out a certain way that it will. A revolution is a war for ideological dominance, and all is fair in war. The mindset of war is that the end justifies the means.

Are you prepared for that? War is just an extension of politics.

More food for thought on the nature of revolution:

Again, thanks for sharing! I look forward to hearing more.

Different perspective indeed.

It may be that your friend's family USED to be well off and had their wealth confiscated. Maybe not, no political situation is truly homogenous but this thing in Venezuela has all the color of class struggle and the Chavez/Maduro regime is absolutely based on a combination class/race divide that was in fact repressive and has in fact disenfranchised indigenous populations for....well since DeSoto and Cortez and Colombus and the boys showed up.

It is basically true that current protest activity is in a way "republican driven" and it's base is or was in the student movement which in Venezuela has historically represented the "european blooded" wealthy class. It's also true that poorer Venezuelans really still like their government subsidized foods and that many things have actually gotten better for folks at the bottom end of this nation.

This is in every way a class conflict and it has a racial/cultural divide mixed in with it to make for a very very difficult resolution. But the fact is that Venezuela among all nations is facing it's ugly past.

Ours is no happier. Ours is no cleaner. In fact it's less so. The only reason we don't have more similar conflicts here is because a much higher % of indigenous peoples here were killed off. Spanish conquistadores had a different policy: they preferred to enslave local populations rather than extirpate them.

Current policy in Venezuela has created it's own refugee population. Would you beleive they are calling it "Miamizuela"? I know, horrible name, they really shoulda brainstormed that one a bit more but yeah. These are former land owners under who's properties happened to be oil (Chavez took that, thank you very much) and factory or other industry owners (Chavez took those, thank you very much) and now many of them are indeed pretty much broke.

In the following link I do two things: try to convince us we should care about this stuff but I go on to give you my 4 pillars of understanding South American political economy. They are very much at work in Venezuela. If the topic interests you further we have an open door, check my sig.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

A lobbyist is a middle man.

A lobbyist is a middle man. A corporation or executive of a corporation, cannot directly offer gifts for votes, however, a lobbyist is a private citizen and therefore is able to give gifts to politicians.

So, a corporation hires a lobbyist to give gifts and negotiate favors to politicians for votes which favor -or are inline with the will of- the corporation which hired the lobbyist.

Lobbying is a workaround of direct bribery. Lobbying is bribery with a middleman.