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Florida Senate Passes Warning Shot Bill

The Florida Senate gave final approval on Thursday to a bill that would allow gun owners to fire warning shots to ward off attackers in dangerous situations.

Opponents of the law, who have been pressing for stricter gun control in Florida, called the measure irresponsible and warned it could make gun-owners become trigger-happy.

A half-hour debate touched on high-profile cases including one in which Marissa Alexander, a mother, was sentenced to jail time for firing a "warning shot" that went into a kitchen wall during an argument with her abusive husband. She is currently free on bond and awaiting a new trial on charges of aggravated assault.

Instead, state lawmakers have introduced a spate of bills to broaden the legal use of weapons in Florida.


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Warning shots are stupid

goes against all firearm training I've taken and heard of.

Where's that shot going? The person you are warning can react and fire back.

Maybe people shouldn't go to jail for it but it does seem a bit dangerous to me.

That's how I was trained as well

If you have time to carefully place a warning shot where no one will be injured, either by direct hit, or ricohet, or overpenetration, or ballistic trajectory, then you most likely weren't in danger immediate enough to warrant pulling the trigger. Plus you're down a round that you may wish you had later.

Which is not to say that they never work, but here's a more professional opinion.