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End of an Age

"Behold a Pale Horse" was written in 1976 and yet despite this early release William Cooper foreshadowed the coming of this great tyranny. Sure there were others before but Cooper was naval intelligence. Few others have been so thoroughly documented as he was. In the discussion on the New World Order and what it is that they intend to bring about, the age of great deception should be on its way. But here is where I begin to diverge from Mr. Cooper's warnings. Indeed the powered elite inundate us with lies from above. They intend to keep us in the dark about all that they do and were it not for a tireless minority of us they would soon succeed. But something else has come upon we the people that has allowed us to avert this deception and its evidence is everywhere. This is very encouraging. Unlike previous times in our present recorded history we the people have access to information on an unprecedented level. This has allowed those of us who care to become knowledgeable about things we would have never dreamed of before the emergence of our information singularity. Somehow despite all of the social engineering and manipulation that is carried out against us with scientific precision we can manage to present consistent opposition to the powered elite.

The information singularity I speak of is simply the internet. This intangible system of information storage and sharing allows everyone with access to it the ability to read or watch whatever anyone desires to put online. No single one of us is likely to be well-informed or persistent enough to cover all that is necessary for us to stay aware of. But the tireless minority of souls all across the world, each person having his or her own passionate pursuit, can post our research and findings up for all to see and to scrutinize. This allows individuals to expose themselves to all available independent research that passionately dedicated people have put together and thus we can achieve new levels of understanding without costly trips to libraries and such. This is a very strong foundation for the human organism to achieve greater self-awareness. We are becoming aware of ourself as a singular organism, our conscience is our immunity, our awareness of global events triggers this immune response, then internet is the nervous system that communicates to the global organism. It appears that we are well defended. But we are also clearly under attack.

The power structures in our society have been very busy establishing mechanisms of control and manipulation with malice of forethought. Their intentions are to maintain power, to make it grow and to eliminate most of you and I. Their pursuit has a name called eugenics. Their social engineering is carried out with a precision and constancy that should make you shutter. From childhood cartoons with sickening subtleties that embed into us a powerful sex drive to Prussian indoctrination model public education to constant distractions catering to virtually every desire known to man these greedy few program and suppress and rape and pillage and plunder. MK-Ultra is just one of the many programs implemented by governments and corporations in order to program we the people into oblivion. But it seems that the "Age of Great Deception" is a lame duck, sort of.

Despite the secrets that the power structures keep we appear to have been given the tools to see through it. I think that it is appropriate that the first incarnation of the internet was developed by military intelligence or, more specifically, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Good still does come from the defense industry. It has just been hijacked. William Cooper gave rise to people like Alex Jones. Zeitgeist and Loose Change are other interesting manifestations of the tireless minority bringing their knowledge to all of us. It even seems that the six million holocaust victims are potentially additional deceptions brought to light by individuals who post their information online. Accounting for things like 9/11, Cannabis prohibition, Fast and Furious, London Bombings, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the endless charade of deceptions that I am now aware of I have to admit that despite their best efforts the deceptions are all beginning to collapse. This, to me, is the most beautiful manifestation of human ingenuity. Because we saw it coming time has transpired in such a way as to avert the most destructive of the power elite's aspirations.

That is not to say that we have won or are winning. I cannot assess, accurately, the overall condition of things because we still seem to be approaching a nuclear war. The Great Culling is ongoing and still effective. Crap is still being dumped on us, the political scene is nothing more than deceptive tyranny, the food supply is still under attack, the water supply in the U.S. is still poisoned, the education system still sucks, military personnel dressed as police still raid our homes and murder us, we still endure tyranny from every direction and we are still one of the most dumbed down societies that has ever been manipulated. We still give in to the distractions that we are fed, our medical system is still based on snake oil medicine philosophy or allopathic medicine, we still drive cars and are stuck on Rockefeller oil. There is much to be done. A system reset still lies on the horizon needing to be pulled down over the land. But the organism is alive and alert. The immune system of our global organism is responding to what are clearly destructive elements in the body. Cancer plagues this body and the tumors are exposed. I think that it is high time for the white blood cells to begin their attack; time for us to begin singling out and eliminating the threats to the survival of this organism. We have a lot of work to do.

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Good read

Excellent points!

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Good read.


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p.s. 26th word from the end of paragraph 2

Should be 'the'?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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