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Ron Paul Radio Ads and Mccain Comes to BAMA

Hey I was wondering if anyone had any radio ads that I could download and buy a couple slots at the local a.m. stations?
if so send them to yuenglingrock at yahoo(dot)com.
Also Mccain is speaking at the Birmingham sheraton this saturday does anyone have any good ideas for signs or suggestions. Actually I could probalby use some pointers on how to make them since I've never made any. I was thinkin of making some official looking McCain slim jim flyers and put a picture of mccain at the top.
"McCain has: voted against eliminating the death tax/ drilling in anwar/ the bush taxcuts/ restricting freedom of speech/ amnesty for illegals/"(fill in your own).
I promise to be respectful but I certainly plan on approaching mccain supporters with the truth. Mccrazy has been running radio ads in Alabama that don't even talk about the issues. He just talks about his time in POW camps which I find distasteful. He's just fucking demagouging what he went through thousands of other soldiers have been tortured does that make them good presdiential candidates?
At least romney wants to reduce taxes.