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Holy SH*t! Lou Dobbs just said "and let's not forget Ron Paul"

Talking about the remaining gop candidates. He finally remembers him

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Poll skewing

The poll skewing is working.He is kissing as s so we dont skew anymore of his polls.LOLOLOL

Well Hot DOG!

(Sorry just got back from "campaigning" [literally] in several local bars... Seriously, around these parts, you get the bar-owner's and bartenders behind you -- not too hard to do with some "Gun Owner" and "Tax-Free Tips" slim-jims -- and they'll take you a significant part of the way towards garnering a big share of the otherwise Bush/Cheney blue-collar voters... but it comes at a price.. you GOTTA drink a few rounds with the barkeep! )

Who knew campaigning was gonna be such hard work!

OT: You know what is really amazing... When I've had a just a few rounds, I can type and write at like twice my normal speed... less typos too! Guess that explains Hemingway! (... but HTML tags are a b*tch).

Forward Liberty

Go get some NEW Common Sense!

Screw Dobbs - Go to commercials again : Run Ron, Run!!

Last 4 hours on CNN :
2 Ron Paul commercials,
2 Obama Commercials,
1 Al Franken Commercial

That's here in Minnesota!!

McCain : Show me the money!!!!

Run Ron, Run

life's 2 short 4 mistakes

life's 2 short 4 mistakes


Dobbs has lost my respect. I now see him as being on the same side as Sean Hannity and the rest, except it's Dobb's role to be a sort of pressure release so that the public will think somebody is keeping things in check and therefore not explode with frustration.

Yeah, I saw Dobb's say, "And don't forget about Ron Paul" as almost an afterthought and smiling like a schoolgirl who just said a bad word. Dobbs knows he's finished. He seems to be stuttering alot tonight. Anyone notice that?

lou you should practice what you preach!

LOU YOU LOSERyou coward! Lou you are doing the nwo leg work stop acting like we are that stupid!.nau?immagration?
RP for life!




F@%@%K Lou!!!

Get the heck OVER HIM, ok?!?!?

Go get a crush on some movie star or somethin' but DO NOT waste our time!!!


That's a plus...

given the fact that the name 'Ron Paul' was not mentioned ONE TIME by any of the puppet talkingheads on CBS, NBC or PBS "news" shows tonight. It has become an exercise in self-flagulation to watch the continued blackout. so very frustrating.....

he just doesn't want his inbox full

so I think that's the new tactic. Talk about everyone else in detal and at the end say "don't forget about Ron Paul", lol. Hey, we're not bought off THAT easily.

Huh..we'll see Lou

Will Paul be given even 10 minutes in the CNN debate?

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

I knew he was turning

I knew Lou knew what was wrong with America, and who can fix it.

Please write Lou as have and ask him to speak his mind. He can put his career on the line and his money where his mouth is.

One canidate can close the border and avoid economic collapse.

Please Lou, speak on!

7:24 PM

Again with Ron Paul!

4 times in 24 min!

What is going on?

Considering the fact that Dr. Paul is a Rep and not a Senator

I voted NO on the Quick Vote tonight

Why can't Dobbs ask questions that make sense?

3 times in 10 min?

Usually don't listen to Dobbs, but had TV on while at computer. Perhaps.
Dobbs is acknowledging our voting on his Quick Vote last night?