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Don't fault a cat for being a cat

A friend of mine told me a story:

When he was about nine or ten years old, he really, really wanted a dog. But for whatever reason, his parents couldn't get him one, but they got him a cat instead.

Long story short, he didn't like the cat. Why? He wanted a dog, and short of that, he wanted the cat to act like a dog. He wanted to take it on walks. But he couldn't.

It wasn't a dog.

Of course this wasn't the cat's fault. Cat was just being true to his cat nature. He knew nothing of Todd's expectations.

Eventually, Todd realized that he hated the cat for reasons that had nothing to do with the cat. He just wanted it to be different.

Moral of the story, he said, was "Don't fault a cat for being a cat."

(My moral of the story: I think that's probably why Todd still hates me. He expected me to be different.)

Dig? Expectations warp reality. They prevent you from seeing clearly.

Don't fault a cat for being a cat.

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jrd3820's picture

Your time is precious

And should be spent as happy as you can possibly be. Don't hate the cat, maybe it doesn't realize it is a cat.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Michael Nystrom's picture

Someone told me that birds build their own cages

They can't help it. They just do. They can't even see them.

- - -

Speaking of which, did you hear? The Banhammer came down on the Granger. I think you like the Granger for the same reason as me, that you sense that underneath it all, she has a good heart. I believe that to be true.

And maybe it is like what SmudgePot said: her mental health is deteriorating. We just happened to witness it. I don't feel like she should be overboard, but at the same time, I don't feel like being welfare. And people don't like being nattered at all day long.

He's the man.
LittleWing's picture

I think it was an act of kindness

on your part for you to finally stop The Granger from posting. Is it actually kind to allow a person to continue to embarrass themselves and insult many on a daily basis for months? To watch a person's psyche unravel like a slow motion train wreck?

Many here tried to be understanding and helpful to the Granger over and over and were only returned with vitriol. Remember Legalize? who clearly had some problems? It did no good to play in to his state of mind by allowing him to continue for so long, he became emboldened to be more outrageous. Remember Fishy? Very good person and popular here but became more prolific in comments until she pushed it too far.

This is not about a gay nazi site link but a culmination of odious remarks,circular argumentation and behavior leading to the same inevitable end.

Of course, I too believe there is good in everyone and the Granger could be very sweet to those she wanted to but many here were abused daily by the dark side of her personality and there was no reasoning with it. Much of the backlash was due to her own baiting and flaming for it. Granger was her own worst enemy. A review of her comments the last six months would show that.

I know it is hard for you, Michael, because you are kind and not a target of hers, but I don't think you would be doing a favor to her by allowing it to continue. I also posted a comment to you on another thread for you to really consider


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you LittleWing

Nice to see you around again. Thank you very much for your thoughts.

He's the man.
jrd3820's picture

Yes I saw that..The link she

Yes I saw that..

The link she posted was disgusting, and I would fully expect her, myself, or anyone else that posted that to have been banned. I would be more shocked if you hadn’t banned her.

Of course Smudge would say that, Smudge is a good guy. A while ago there was a post about a cop who was suffering because he had gotten in a car accident and how a no one was stopping to help. Most people here were laughing about the cop’s pain. Because ya know…. He is a cop. Smudge however took a lot of downvotes by pointing out that he was individual who needed help at that point.

That was around the same time there was a thread on the front page (you were gone, overseas) . It was a joke. It said something along the lines about being stuck in an elevator with a lawyer and and a snake and 2 bullets. What do you do? Well you shoot the lawyer twice of course. It’s funny Michael. Because the lawyer is bad. All lawyers. They must be shot. Twice, in case the first bullet doesn’t take. In the name of the NAP. That thread got a decent amount of upvotes and cynical comments.

Sometimes people create their own cages. Sometimes people create cages for them, but they don’t realize it. How many times was Granger downvoted simply for having pleasant conversations in other threads. Just a week or so ago her and I were talking about the new logo and Dylan, and it was a pleasant conversation and she wasn’t talking about Israel or anything upsetting, yet she still received downvotes. How many times was Granger called a troll? How many times can you be called something before you start acting like that?
People build cages for others. It makes life easier that way. This crowd builds cages all the time. They built a cage for me in the beginning so I played it. They built a cage for Granger, I knew I was playing mine, I don’t know if she knew she was playing her role in her cage or not. I eventually decided to build my own cage called the jam session. It was a great cage. Most people liked hanging out in it.

They are trying to build a cage for you. Numerous cages.

But it’s all good as long as we type the words ‘freedom’ and ‘individuality’ a lot.

I’m also not convinced in the least that OP of the Granger is floating thread was really offended by that link. Like I said, it was a disgusting link, but if he was so offended, why would he point to it in the main post where he used Granger’s name knowing it would get a lot of traffic because it had her name in it? He also won't let it die as he feels the need to remind everyone who comments of Granger's bad posting habits.

Then of course there was the charmer in there who said if Granger had been "stupid hot" like Lorde he might have been nicer to her.

I just simply cannot wait for another one of those 'Where are all the chicks?' type threads that come up every so often. A couple weeks ago there was a thread about a young girl who decided to burn her Obama shirt. Know what one of the highest upvoted comments in there was? Something about how the video would have been better had she removed all her clothes to burn them. Classy isn't it?

Misogyny, homophobia, hate, anger, gossip, violence, and caging. It's not the government that is the problem. It's individuals.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Michael Nystrom's picture

Wow, this is epic

I would love to see this comment as its own post, an original, of course.


He's the man.
egapele's picture

The ability to post anonymously does bring out

the worst in people and the moderators are exposed to it constantly.

Please know that all your work is very much appreciated.