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Top 10 reasons libertarians aren't nice to you

People often complain about libertarians being rude and obnoxious. It’s not nearly as widespread a problem as some would make it out to be, and contrary to popular belief, this did not begin with me. To the extent that it does exist, I have become to many this sort of picture of the asshole libertarian who doesn’t give a shit about your feelings or opinions. So I figured I’d put this list together of why libertarians aren’t nice to you. Even libertarians who are nice to you, I think will get a kick out of it, because despite their outward appearances, they are every bit as frustrated with your statism as we are. Feel free to bookmark it and produce it every time you hear someone make this complaint.

Libertarians aren’t nice to you because…


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Article Scraped from Chris Cantwell

This blog has totally scraped Christopher Cantwell's original post listing "Clark Kent" as the author and merely listing Chris as the source WAY down at the bottom with no byline.

Poor etiquette and a most dodgy way to run a blog.

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Thank you.

I have a new blog to read after a quick google to find the original source and realized I wanted to read every article:


The OP here should replace the link with the correct one.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Some research into Anthropology may help.

-- this was a response to a comment further down --- apologies for being out of order --

I can not verify this, as I can not go back in time. But from the reading I have done I'm not sure at all that government is human nature. It is the result of one specific approach to society.

If you look back before we switched to agriculture, there is not really any evidence to support human using any forms of government. We can see this when we encounter (over the last couple hundred year, when it was recorded) unmolested tribes. At most they would have a village elder or wise-man, but they had nothing really resembling laws or a government they would go to for permission for anything. They all lived differently, for generations, could handle issues that arose (their people were no less petty, cruel, greedy than us) and it worked. For generations.

It wasn't until we started growing more food than we could eat, storing that food, guarding food and then trying to decide how to distribute that food that we really started to form governments. We it kind of seems like the scope of government was proportionate to the amount that society depended on this stored food. (stored food is great for waging war and wiping out other cultures by the way...)

If there is any truth to this. Then for the vast majority of human history we did not form governments. Most tribes/cultures/peoples were not into government at all. (of course they are all but wiped out now)

So it may be just the last little sliver of human experience that has resulted in a trend towards governing. SO it's more of a food production thing that a human nature thing.

Just some thing to think about before you condemn human nature.

Great article! I'm going to

Great article! I'm going to enjoy sending this to my neocon friends

This made me laugh out loud

"Since we know we have inferior numbers, and the minority always gets screwed and threatened by democracy, this is exactly what this discussion looks like to us. It begins and ends with the threat of violence, so the fact that we don’t shoot you in the face really speaks volumes to our civility."

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That was fun

Of course it is never going to be read by a single person it is addressing.

The points are all valid. I wonder if it could be rewritten in a way that was accommodating and empathetic to statists' views, i.e., deliver the message in an appealing way...

Ah, never mind.

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We could...

We could hold guns to their heads and force them to read it, or else, like they do to us.

Hell, you could probably find justification in the NAP as self-defense since they do it with every election and new "law".

Thoughts? lmao.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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Good idea! But...

But I'll one up you. Let's force their children to read it through the public school system.

Indoctrinating children is the only chance we have.

(I wrote that as a joke, re-read it, realized it's true, and now I'm sad)

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

What a clever parody.....

of the stereo-typical arrogant, condescending, dismissive, pretentious, know-it all anarchist.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

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I love it when we...

capsulize things.

It does make it easier.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Well done. Very well done.

It may be a "top ten", but it really did do an awesome job of summarizing the subject in a very entertaining way.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Oh my glob, this is great !!

"Having an ideology tends to imply some study of the subject at hand. If you have studied government, and determined that it has any potential to do anything positive, this implies you are really not very good at processing information. "

Very funny stuff !!!

I laughed,

I cried. I smashed my head on the table. Thanks.

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That was good

Very good.

Nice, Thanks

Q. What's the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist?

A. About 6 months.

The libertarian pool is a sieve into a sea of anarchy.

Just open the box and see

We'll have to agree to disagree. :)

I have a friend in YAL who described himself as an anarcho-statist, his reasoning being that he believes anarchy is the way to go on principle, but the formation of governments is human nature and inevitable, therefore we should work to have a minimalist government.

I don't completely disagree with you either.

On principal, I'm an anarchist (no ruler, NOT no rules) but I agree it seems to be in mans nature to seek out government. Maybe it's the human desire for control that manifests as government. It's pretty evident that we like to try to control nature.

I can see the rational for a limited government, and I support causes that lead there too. By then, the true nature of what governments must eventually become might be more evident. Government is the classic pyramid scheme and must grow or die, it has no other options.

I believe that a true anarchist society is possible, though certainly not in my lifetime. Personally, I would be happy to see a marginal reduction in government, I've never seen one. ;)

Just open the box and see

The difference is so simple A

The difference is so simple

A libertarian believes in liberty, an anarchist believes in slavery

Interesting, but no

If a libertarian believes in freedom, an anarchist believes in ultra freedom.

How does anarchy equate with slavery? Wouldn't that violate the NAP?

Anarchy also requires personal responsibility, where most other cults don't.

Just open the box and see

Anarchy equates with slavery

Anarchy equates with slavery because it refuses to prevent it. Anarchy doesn't believe in NAP, they believe in survival of the fittest and dictatorship of the technologically superior.

Exactly, entirely wrong

sorry. Anarchists absolutely do believe in the NAP.
I fear someone has badly misinformed you.

Just open the box and see

No, I'm not misinformed.

No, I'm not misinformed.

I have had many conversations with anarchists, and they go something like this one. They have absolutely nothing of substance to say, simply contradictions and complaints. There is no "anarchist plan for improving the world". Anarchists support slavery more thoroughly than statists, and fight against those who try to stop it. I have witnessed it. I am not misinformed.

It never ceases to baffle me how you fools think you will change opinions that have been formed from sheer experience in the world by flatly contradicting without offering any evidence or logic. Don't you think I've been around long enough to know better than to simply believe someone just because they contradict me?

You misunderstand

TelFIRE says: "an anarchist believes in slavery"

That's not true. "anarchy" means, literally, "no ruler." Which is the same as liberty.

What did you think "anarchy" meant? Blood in the streets? Maybe for a day or two, until the incorrigible troublemakers get Darwinized, but Freedom is really humankind's natural state, and government is essentially a crime against Nature.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

This anarchist believes in slavery...

..as well as believing in government, conscription, taxation, rape, diabetes, cancer, and mosquitoes. It's rather trivial to believe in real phenomena, but just because I believe they exist does not necessarily mean I APPROVE of them.

But thanks for slapping SwellLiar!

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West of 89
a novel of another america

Yes, freedom is humankind's

Yes, freedom is humankind's natural state, and shown over and over again, the natural consequence is that the 1/10 people who are sociopaths choose to form together to rule over others for their own benefits. Anarchists believe in allowing this. Anarchy = slavery.

I absolutely agree.

Once I knew minarchism was possible I wanted it without the lies and theft. All in all 5 years to transfer from a basic communist to an anarchist. (still registered as a republican though)

That picture of Ron sitting alone in a room...

...is just heartbreaking.

It's alright though, if things go well, we'll dynamite Dishonest Abe and Teddy "I like to kill things for no reason" Roosevelt right off Mt. Rushmore, leaving plenty of space for Ron to join his brothers.

O, and this: "we actually are smarter than you."

That's so arrogant, so insulting.

...don't say it in public.


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

My personal favorite was:

My personal favorite was:

your stupidity hurts