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Jesse Ventura Talks Third Party Run

The only US president not from a political party was George Washington. I learned that from this interview of Jesse Ventura by our old friend Kurt Wallace. Jesse wants to be be the second.

Jesse's a wildcard. I keep my eye on him, too (in addition to Rand).

Thanks Kurt Wallace! What happened with Rand Radio? Are you still keeping that up? The last post I see is from October 2013. Maybe it is time to fire that up again? Some of the people of the Daily Paul want a place like that where they can come and sing the praises of Rand in unison. Kind of like a church. They say I'm harshing their high over here. Anyway, something to think about.

The Democrats side is fairly boring. Hillary is freezing everyone out. It would be a bombshell if she decided not to run. There would be a freeforall over there.

Bernie Sanders is another to keep an eye on. He's slated to play the role of the modern day Ralph Nader, running up on the left of the Democratics, siphoning off votes. "Don't do that!" they'll scold him. "You're ruining our chances!" Just like the both did to Ross Perot.

The economy, of course, is another wildcard. They crashed it right on W's head, right at the end. He got bludgeoned silly by the economy. That's why all he wants to do now is paint. He suffering from PTSD!

War is a wildcard. The events in the Ukraine are troubling. America feels like it is itching for a fight. But Obama doesn't seem like the kind of guy to start World War III. He could just get the ball rolling, though.

But the other wildcard is Silicon Valley money. There are some big egos out there. What's to stop a self funded arrogant startup executive who's got bank to just fund himself? To say, "I'm the perfect person to fix these problems. I'm going to DC to be "disruptive!" That is another wildcard.

Otherwise the others in the R field are mostly just filler. But there should be a pretty good fight.

Jesse V is an interesting guy. I wonder what Washington was like in real life.

What do you think of what he's up to?

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Ha ha ha my little ghost Now Or Never

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How so very adult of you.

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