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School stabbings: How will the media & politicians react?

By now you may have learned about the school stabbings that took place at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA.

CBS Pittsburgh: 20-Injured In Stabbing At Franklin Regional High School
WPXI 11: Police identify suspect in Franklin Regional stabbings; 20 hurt

Anyone care to speculate on how the media and political establishment will react to this event in the days and weeks to come? I'm curious, will it receive the same attention as other school tragedies, such as Sandy Hook? Will this change the dynamic of gun debate in our society?

I'm interested to learn your thoughts and opinions on this latest unfortunate incident.

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Obviously we need a national

Obviously we need a national knife registration immediately or everyone is at risk.

Resource officers will receive TSA training to run scanners

and molest your children as they enter school each day.

The very first comment under

The very first comment under one of the stories was:

"If it werent for the National Cuttlery Association, this would have never happened."
Comments directly under that were basically calls for banning knives and such, it was kinda funny.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Who wants to bet...

... the kid was on anti-depressants?

It will be perfectly obvious

to everyone in the media and in Washington that this unfortunate incident is a good reason to call for more gun control

Very little attention

I don't see how it furthers the gun agenda, unless it's used for adding more guards in schools.

If the kid was on some sort of SSRI, they will not want to deal with it either.

It's clear to me that school itself is a bad idea and should be abolished, but somehow, I doubt they will reach that conclusion.

Just open the box and see

ecorob's picture

They will focus on obombya...

attending a Fort Hood ceremony today for the "people with gun killings" and make no mention of the "people with knife killings" in their "news" for today.

It doesn't fit their agenda. You KNOW they will forget about it by tomorrow.

Only we, the people will bring it up...ever.

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Will they focus on the loser prez going to Houston right after for a DNC fundraiser. That certainly is more important than a few military lives being taken in a gun free zone- military base.

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