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Ben Swann & Investigative Journalism's Final Stand

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may know, Ben Swann is currently in the final 9 days of his indiegogo campaign. The last 24 hours have produced some great results and I wanted to see if we, as a vibrant community of Liberty lovers, could build on this. My name is Jeremy Richter and I've been the Director for 13 episodes of "Truth In Media" to date. Combined, these videos have amassed well over 1 million views.

The purpose of this post is a call to action to support Mr. Swann right now. I have gotten to know Ben very well over the past 2 years and I'm very proud of our collaboration. Together, we gave a voice to several topics which fly under the radar and have been dismissed by most, if not all, of the major media outlets. We all know the value of investigative journalism and Ben is one of the few pioneers left in this "niche".

Of the 13 episodes we've created, I donated two to the cause of Liberty. I have a small boutique business in Chicago and making these kinds of decisions come at a real cost to my business. However, having seen Ben in action firsthand and the kind of husband/father he is, as well as being a gifted and extremely hard-working journalist, I was determined to find a way to help him out in this endeavor.

I also posted an article today that I hope many of you will read about crowdfunding. Not only is Ben featured in it but also another gentleman who is fighting the good fight to create a documentary about the student loan crisis we have all become very aware of. Below is a link to my article.....I think it provides a good perspective on the effort Ben is presently pursuing on indiegogo and also why he needs our help to get him to the finish line:


Additionally, I created a video a few weeks back that provides some additional insight into Ben Swann that I think would be helpful to watch and make your own deductions from:


In closing, I would just like to ask that everyone at the Daily Paul take a moment to recognize the contributions Ben Swann has made to the cause of Liberty and, if possible, consider supporting him in these final days of his Season 2 campaign. It's important to note that, unlike the Kickstarter effort last year, this campaign was set up for flexible funding.....meaning he will get to keep a healthy portion of what has already been raised.

That being said, I still hope Ben gets much closer to his $100K goal. As a proud personal contributor to Ron Paul, Rand Paul, TMOT and several others, I've watched how, TOGETHER, we've made extraordinary things happen here on the Daily Paul....in very short order. I also want to send a huge thank you to Michael Nystrom for making all this possible. The Daily Paul will be a daily destination for me for as long as it is online....thank you Michael!

I believe in free will, free markets and a free press. I hope you guys take my message to heart and find a way to build on the momentum of the last 24 hours and get Ben much closer to the finish line. There are so few Ben Swann's left in the world that we need to support individuals like him wherever and whenever we can.

In Liberty,

Jeremy Richter

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I would adopt the slogan (or something of the sort)

"If you will just donate $5 towards liberty in media, WE can make this a success. Thank you for watching, and please share this video."

With a 10% success rate, you could generate $350K/season (assuming 70% of one million viewers are unique [adjust the success rate and unique viewer rate as you will]). Often times (as you surely know), in young businesses, people find themselves investing some fraction of their time to get the project off the ground.

"If it was easy, ..."

So they say, anyway.

Excellent Advice

Your numbers and approach make perfect sense.....and then some. It's the conversion obstacle: How do you get 106,000 FB fans - or better yet, 10% of them, to throw down $5 or $10 dollars? I look at it as a quest to provide value, in that if you provide enough of it, the supporters will eventually figure it out. Perhaps..... :)




Michael Nystrom's picture


Best of luck Ben & Jeremy.

He's the man.

Thank You!

Thanks Michael! Love the DP!


Bump for Ben Swann