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What is it about Common Core that makes it so bad?

I don't see anything egregious about a national curriculum, especially compared to anything else being done by the Federal gov't.

The main problem that I can see is that the standards are ridiculous.

Would Common Core be such a horrible thing if they dusted off 1912 arithmetic/algebra lessons and a few early 20th century writing textbooks as the national curriculum?

Between the two, I prefer a national standard over a national curriculum, which would let everyone figure out how to meet or exceed it. Given a third option, obviously I prefer the Federal Government forget there is such a thing as education.

Is your main beef that Common Core is Federal, or that Common Core totally sucks?

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If you are expecting

the Federal government to "educate" your children then you have already failed.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul


Like all such discussions, I think the main problem is that the proposed solution seems to be unrelated to the problem. People are naturally curious, but people learn in many different ways. Our industrial model of education, see


with its standardization = "one size fits all" approach kills curiosity and destroys most of the potential of what people can learn and do productively.

Take for example the recent Stossel essay contest:


Apparently 11 out of the top 25 essays were submitted by homeschoolers and three of the top five. The results of other competitions and testing measures pretty much all agree. This suggests to me that a very different model from "common core" or even "public education" is a start in the right direction. This other stuff is a non-starter. (Incidentally, I liked especially the third place essay in the contest. It basically said that government involvement in nutrition is a nonstarter due to self-ownership and the nonaggression principle. (Thumbs up for Collin Lehmann.))

"Common" core......common meaning "same"

The common core program is not about educational standards, it's about controlling the opinions, thoughts and knowledge of our younger generation. The theme runs through every subject and theme is, government is GOD, always right and always there to protect you. Our children are being taught to accept their slavery, period.

Maybe, when the government announces their "Common Diet" program, adults might come to understand the egregious nature of all things government.

Where in the constitution does it give authority to the feds...

Federal education system is unconstitutional to begin with. Next is the data collection/sharing, second is the replacing of classical literature with epa regulation papers, fed reserve minutes, repair manuals, etc. lastly its the extremely expensive economic side of it. look up “Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century” report released in February by the Department of Education. all the new and unessesary tech involved will cost billions and who do you think is going to be getting federal funds for this...bill gates who spent millions through the bill and melinda gates foundation to push CCSS and fund the research (which obviosly is biased toward being pro CCSS so that theyll get the federal funding). the standards were push as only being "standards", which NO research points to a higher standard meaning higher result" , but then we learn that without a national curriculum its impossible to meet the standard. so now the feds control the direction of the classroom, which is pushing climate control propaganda, giving revisionist history ( not like we werent always but still), speeds up the classroom and kids are falling behind. i encourage everyone to actually get educated on this. im against it for many reasons but if theres a central opposition to this, it needs to be the unconstitutionality and further federal overeach into education which was already an overeach to begin with.

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My main beef is the federal part

Common core didn't invent poor implementation. And more than one of the bad examples floating around caused me more concern for the quality of education the complainers received.

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If this were about improving education

the standard and cirriculum would be modeled after Catholic Schools or some other system that already exist and have been proven to be superior to government schools.

Since Common Core does not then the reasons have to be more sinister. Plus, you add in all the tracking, cataloging, etc. of every aspect of a childs up bringing and you have a system that is nothing more than an indoctrination system to turn the next generation into robots where they will have pre-determined what they can and can't do. Throw in a lifetime of anti-liberty propaganda. It is the worst possible thing for kids and the future of liberty in this country.

Anything the feds want to do to kids

in the government schools is bad by definition.

D all of the above and more.

It is a joke to think the federal government can manage the education of kids all over this nation. They can't even balance a checkbook. So..it basically comes down to this. It's federal control where it shouldn't be, it sucks beyond repair, it injects politics into questions that shouldn't be political such as math problems, and it is data mining our children and our families from the time they start school. At some point down the road the government will be deciding what advanced education, if any, our kids will 'qualify' for, and then what job they can have. This isn't American by any means.

It's more central planning

You can't establish national standards without strongly influencing curriculum. They go hand in hand. Make them too rigorous and half the kids would fail - so by their nature they have to be dumbed down. The debate about convoluted standards is reminiscent of the Healthcare.gov red herring. The problem is not what standards are used or the website - it's that central planning of healthcare or education guarantees higher costs, lower quality, less freedom, and more waste on bureaucracy.

Kids should have a choice of pursuing their own God given talents and abilities. Whether they be in a public school, technical school, vocational school, art school, or homeschool environments should be up to the parents and student to decide.

Here's a good, short documentary on Common Core:


the curriculum is what frightens me

They're rewriting history and calling it a "standard".

for example, regarding the 2nd amendment they say the amendment is:

“The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

And define it as:

"This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison. The founding fathers included this amendment to prevent the United States from acting like the British who had tried to take weapons away from the colonists."

This is brainwashing... revising history to suit the political goals of a select few.

They've also reduced the standards in math and science to make it so if schools only meet the minimum requirements, the students who graduate will leave high school with the same level of education a 12 year-old, 6th-grade graduate would have had 30 years ago.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?


Common core does not teach a child how to think. Common core presents a set of "facts" and that is what the child is taught. The second amendment garbage is the best example of what is wrong with common core. Second is the mathematics. They are not only making our children stupid by teaching them how not to do math but they are imparting a version of facts they want them to know.

Our founders were drunken terrorists. The second amendment grants only a militia the right to have certain arms if the government says they can have them. Next year free speach will only be for the MSM. And the year after that we should be bowing to our new king because the republic was only and experiment that was proven to be a mistake.

Get a kid early and you'll end up with an adult with no mind.

It is dumbed down.

There is plenty of evidence online to support that fact.

It's also meant to 'standardize' the brains and minds through indoctrination. For example - reading the classics is out - instead dry, government, non-fiction will be forced on the youth from Obama's executive orders to gobs of documents on global warming.

When Mao Zedong took over in China the only reading material allowed in schools was Marxist propaganda and Mao's thoughts. So, what does common core sound like? If you muttered communism you are 100% correct.

Interesting interview with exiled poet Bei Dao: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/j/jii/4750978.0002.102?rgn=main;vi...

It has also been announced that the SAT will change. No more essay will be required, the math will be less stringent and the vocabulary loosened up. The latter change because the current vocabulary is ethnically biased.

So, to ready the children for the SAT, the curriculum leading up to that test-of-tests must be dumbed down as well.

What is sacrificed is independent and critical thought. Those indoctrinated will make very good, obedient soldiers for the state.

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For one, it's dumbed down.

For one, it's dumbed down. For two, the idea that there should be one national curriculum should scare the shit out of anyone who values individualism.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

For the sake of conversation,

For the sake of conversation, imagine Common Core were in many was superior to typical state curricula, and meant a general raising of national standards?

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I think my state's soon to be deprecated

standard is as optimum and well-targeted for age-appropriateness as a standard can be. My friend in another state thinks the same about theirs though the standards are very different. So are the states very different. But no matter how optimum they may be, they still might not be optimum for any one child.

And I think the very concept of prioritizing knowledge so that everyone having the same general areas of knowledge is disturbing. It weakens the whole nation that expertise is discouraged in every youngster who isn't already proficient in the approved areas of general education. Somehow knowing the same as everyone else has been assigned greater value than having a rarer understanding.

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Who defines superior?

A fiat education is about as valuable as fiat currency.

suppose it was

ok, then it wouldn't be forced now would it? nope... people would choose it because "it's better" or at least they believe it is. either way it should be a choice not forced down our throats.

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