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Freedom Demands Better People

Embracing the message of freedom means being a better person. Are you ready to step up?



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I agree with the message but not with the title...

One of the only people I've ever met - personally - that I thought needed his "freedom completely revoked" pulled a gun on me. That was back when I was younger. One of my good friends told me here a few years ago that he threatened to pull a gun on some drunk at a bar in some small Texas town, and the other fellow decided he wasn't going to take his chances and beat him too the punch. Eventually, nature takes its course.

I was always the "big guy" when I was a kid - 6' tall by the time I was twelve. Sometimes people got the hankering to try me, or I found myself taking up for some kid getting picked on by a bully. Warranted defense is at the heart of libertarian philosophy. However, even all those guys I fought growing up, I wouldn't wish bad on any of them (except one that ended up raping an old lady that ended up in prison). Most of time, we were friends again right after the fight (or within the next day or two).

Even the people that I've met that I don't particularly enjoy their company, I feel they deserve freedom. The people don't have to be "better people." They only need to brought to recognize that they are not free (which I felt the video took to task). Once they realize that, then one can simply gently blow on the embers.

The attainment of the freedom we deserve will require both good and "bad" people to stand up because they're fed up. It doesn't require any violence. Put simply, imho, people need to continue to challenge authority - like all the good folks challenging the Stasi style unconstitutional checkpoints.

I think a good start would be for people to learn to ask questions. I just imagine if you ask around the members here at the Daily Paul that many of them were students that weren't scared to ask questions in class.

The desire to conform leave a great number of people too nervous to question authority (or ask many other "uncomfortable" questions).

Great Grandpa had a saying, "A fast current will wash a rock away, but a steady drip will beat a hole plumb through it." It applies in more than one aspect of life.

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To be honest and good still isn't that difficult, at all.

To be honest and good still isn't that difficult, at all.

To strive to be even better, isn't so easy, in this world.

For, as time passes, less and less true incentives are advertised about it. Quite the exact opposite ones instead, actually (blame anything or anyone but yourself, feel entitled to other people's stuff, etc.)

Surprise, surprise, just as for, vs. against, individual freedoms.

Very sadly. :/

Just IMO/assessment.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Adam is better than ever

Freedom does indeed call for better people.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran