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It's Time To Wake Up And Smell The, "Chinese Pig Virus," Bacon

"Mainstream," media?

You FAIL. Again, and again and again.

By now I'm sure most of us have heard about the, "pig virus," causing pork prices to rise considerably.

But once again the mainstream media has failed to connect the basic dots.

They put Wall Street lipstick on a pig and avoid the real issue.


"Scientists believe the virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea, comes from China. It remains unclear how it got into the U.S. and spread to 27 states. The virus doesn’t affect humans or other animals, so there’s that."

------ Very misleading, Wall Street lipstick on a pig article linked above.

'So there's that'...the pig virus can't infect you or me so who cares, right?

Well, I care because people aren't being told the truth.

The article above says it remains, "unclear," how the virus got into the United States.

Pardon my language, but that's a load of pig fertilizer.

Bringing home the bacon: Chinese savor Smithfield deal


BEIJING – The tweets from the Henan Daily said it all when an American company whose name is synonymous with pork was approved for sale to a Chinese company.

"Shuanghui wins glory for Henan people, and adds luster to the China Dream," the state-run newspaper said.

....But China's International Finance News may have said it best with its headline: "Shuanghui 'eats' American pigs."

------- Full article linked above.

How's that for journalistic integrity?

Smithfield is the world's largest pork producer.

Pigs will fly


IS PIG farming a strategic industry? This question is likely to give a whole new meaning to “pork-barrel politics”, as American politicians decide whether to approve the sale for $4.7 billion ($7.1 billion including debt) announced on May 29th of Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer, to Shuanghui International, a giant Chinese meat company.

-------------- Full article linked above.

"Scientists believe the virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea, comes from China. It remains unclear how it got into the U.S. and spread to 27 states."

Great job, MSM! Touche, Businessweek.

Journalism at its finest!

Don't mention the name, "Smithfield," and hope people don't notice the obvious connection between a pig virus and China.

Bad business.

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Well, that stinks.


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