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How Often Do You Experience Deja Vu?

Ever get the feeling that you are experiencing something you've already lived through?

Out of nowhere, you're in the moment and the next thing you know, you're asking yourself..."How can something totally new happen again?"

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I feel like

I feel like I've read this post before...

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At least once a month

I get a clear, specific, strong experience of Deja Vu.


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Deja Vu

I have had them all my life (I'm 46). As I got older they increased in their power and frequency. Finally they became so strong that I started to have petit mal seizures at the tail end of the Deja Vu experience. I started taking antiseizure medication about 8 years ago and no longer have the Deja Vu or seizures. I still feel that the Deja Vu triggers
the seizure and that they are two separate events in the same part of the brain. Not that the Deja Vu is just part of the petit mal seizure as many believe. It's as though my brain creates the seizure to prevent my mind from truly understanding the Deja Vu.

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Every morning I wake up and

Every morning I wake up and feel like, "this has happened before".

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dėjà vu

The phrase has two little accent marks, one forward, one back, like the roof of a house on either side of the "j". I made a little autotext for it and also résumé.

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It seems to me like it

It seems to me like it happens all the time, but I can't really remember....

Viet Nam and Biology

"Dėjà vu" is a word I never heard until the Viet Nam war. I assume soldiers brought it home with them (the French were there before us).

I do think the feeling is the biological message of "I've been here before" or "familiarity" and that you experience it all the time, but that sometimes you feel it -- but also doubt it's true.

Sometimes it is true and sometimes it's that feeling, without justification.

"Familiarity" is not the only feeling that can be experienced biologically without justification: I encountered a man who, it was clear, really believed the world was going to end "tomorrow." I mean, he believed it with his whole being.

I imagine that having good nutrition, and balancing one's hormones and stress levels, are all good remedies when it happens too often.

I often wonder why it is that drunks think they're having fun.

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Minimum couple times a month

Minimum couple times a month to several times a day. It can be controlled.

I have sat in a movie opening night...

and said the movie line by line to my friends, even telling them the ending, because i swear the movie came out 4 years before.

I knew everything about it.

Even funnier, i can't remember which movie that was. The brain is weird like that.

It's Often Called a "Remake"

I used to work at a movie studio.

They remake movies all the time. Since their main audience is in their teens to early 20's, they can do so every 10-20 years. I think Disney is on a 7 year cycle for re-releasing their animated films.

Sometimes independent films get picked up for distribution and they might have had a local release.

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best sci-techy explanation i have read thus far:

speed on the neuron firing-road to OLD BRAIN is a tiny fraction s-l-o-w-e-r than..
speed on the neuron firing NEW BRAIN super-highway.
we still use BOTH neuron paths for various situations & functions
occasionally, there is a duplicate message sent. (huh. been here before!)
could be reverse, with duplicate message(s) canceling each other out. (huh. where the hell am i?)

Not sure about Deja Vu,

but I get the feeling of Deja Bull all the time. It's the feeling that you have heard this bullshit before.

But to answer your question, I get it several times a year (Deja Vu, that is. I feel Deja Bull daily).

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How strong is your sense of Deja Vu?

Here is one example of my experiences.

I was in college taking a Heat Transfer test. During the test I looked around the room and knew I had been in that exact situation before. I recognized the exact order of the students sitting in the rows (we did not have assigned seats), what each person was wearing, the exact questions on my test and how I was answering them, what the teacher said and did, the order of the students as they finished their test and handed them in and left, etc., etc.

I remember having a similar experience while taking a Compressible Flow exam in grad school too.

It happens several times a year for me. It's always the feeling of very detailed memory of what I am experiencing.

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I get Deja Vu maybe once or twice a year.

I actually get the opposite, Jamais Vu (experiencing the familiar as unfamiliar) far more often. When these feelings happen, it's always brief, but frightening.

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Every time I read the Daily Paul


Just kidding. I'll have to think about it. I definitely have experienced it (every time they change something in the Matrix), but I'm not sure how often.

I'll think about it today.

He's the man.

Often when was younger

Not so much now. When I was a kid it would freak me out to the point where I would actually remove myself from the situations where I felt deja vu. It was a strong intense feeling. If I experience it now I mostly dismiss it as no big deal and don't even notice it like I did back then. I can't say that I've had it happen in a long time and the times it has it hasn't freaked me out.

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Yes that does happen to me.

Yes that does happen to me. How often you ask... maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

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