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George Brikho thinks Hitler is a better person than Hillary Clinton. Brikho is running for US Congress in Michigan

George Brikho, candidate for US House of Representatives in Michigan's ninth district, claims to be a libertarian. He is not. Like most politicians, he is a self-absorbed narcissist. I met George while working as a regional coordinator for Dr. Paul's 2012 presidential campaign. He seemed like a sincere libertarian at first, but I soon realized he wasn't. I'm posting this article because I don't want him to trick anyone else like he tried to trick me. Here are some of George's least libertarian statements from Facebook.


Apparently George thinks Adolf Hitler was a better leader than Hillary Clinton. I'm no fan of Hillary, but this statement is insane. I'm not sure why George believes Ambassador Stevens would have been more important to Hitler than the millions of people his Nazi regime murdered.


Here, George claims Sander Levin voted for the Iraq War. He did not. I am no fan of Sander Levin, he is an awful congressman, but I don't need to lie about him. This statement very much fits with George's character. He is more than comfortable lying about anything to get ahead. This incident is particularly disturbing, because there is no reason to lie about Sander Levin. He has done so many terrible things throughout his career, why not bring those things up?


Here George says Iraq belongs to the Christians. Not sure how he can justify that, considering Christians make up less than 5% of Iraq's population. It's neo-con statements like these that caused me to realize he is not really a libertarian.


In this screen capture, George is blaming our foreign policy for a Christian girl being raped by Muslims in Iraq. I am a non-interventionist, I hate our foreign policy, but this is insane. Rape and murder existed in Iraq prior to the invasion. The only person responsible for a rape is the rapist. The Middle East has been in turmoil far longer than the United States has been a country. I agree our foreign policy adds to the trouble, but what George said is a completely unfair statement.


Last, but not least, is a screen grab that well describes George's personality. Here he claims his store is the nation's largest fertilizer outlet. That is a blatant lie. It's not even the largest within a mile. Northern Lights, located exactly a mile down the road, is about four times larger. George is a narcissist and a liar. He is exactly like all the other establishment politicians.

There are several good, new candidates running in 2014. And we must get folks like Justin Amash reelected! We definitely don't have time for people like George.

Here is a link to George's Facebook account to see his posts for yourself. God bless the Daily Paul for being our own news outlet, so we can easily get information out about bad candidates.


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Here is another perfect example

On George's Twitter account, he says that we will see World War III in our lifetime. What kind of attitude is that? Do you really want a congressman who believes another World War is necessary and imminent? No wonder he thinks more highly of Adolf Hitler than Hillary Clinton.


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Please stop spamming the anti Brikho stuff. You've made your point. It is becoming pure spam now. People can figure it out for themselves or read just one post.

There are eight that I see off hand, seven of which are duplicates with the same title and body. Six of which I unpublished. One is fine, seven is unnecessary. And now this one. That's plenty.

Thank you

I do not think this constitutes spam

I have only created two articles and both were drastically different. I made one comment on his fundraising post, where he was soliciting Daily Paul users for donations. I edited all my past posts about George, once I saw his true colors, because I did not want my past articles to misinform people. I think it is a good idea to unpublish the past articles. If I knew that was a possibility, I would have requested it myself, and simply posted the single article where I shared my opinions of George. I love the Daily Paul. I do not believe I have broken any of the rules of this website. Nor have I ever "spammed." I have, however, contributed several articles that were placed on the "front page" and seemed to be enjoyed. These include a post with screen caps of the NRA's Facebook handler bashing Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, the recent article about the Tosh.0 producer being shot by incompetent LAPD officers, and St Patty's baby bartender ;) I have always tried to be a positive contributor to the Daily Paul.

Here is another recent example

Here George shares a link from the Facebook page of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." As most of us know, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth was much more like a Convenient Lie. I don't doubt solar energy is the way of the future. But it sure as hell is not the way of the present. It's irresponsible and dishonest to suggest it's possible for the US to achieve energy independence through solar power. Hopefully one day, but it's far from today. It's this kind of propaganda that feeds the public's demand for solar/"green" subsidies. The free market, not politicians, should decide which form of energy is best. Here is a picture and link to the post.


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FWIW, if that helps, I'd suggest :

FWIW, if that helps, I'd suggest :

not comparing people on a mere basis of who's "better" or who's "worse" more or less subjectively, but rather considering people's individual ideas and past and present actions and pointing out where and how exactly, with hard facts on record, those are damaging against liberty vs. being pro-individual freedoms.

Comparing the Hitler and Clinton individuals on the despicability scale may be entertaining for a while (myself, I can plead guilty), but isn't very productive, if at all, nor it is conclusive either, IMO.

Out of two dogs barking at me for as long as they want, I'd fight the one actually attacking me, not the one which has already left the scene.

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Comparing anyone to Hitler is a bit of a stretch. If you want to compare someone to a maniacal dictator, it's probably best to go with Mussolini or Stalin haha But really, it's best to just explain why you disagree with someone than to compare them to a hated historical figure. Hillary Clinton is an awful woman, and she clearly doesn't care about the victims of Benghazi, but it's absolutely insane and offensive to say Hitler would have done a better job as Secretary of State.

I'm sure George would make a fine precinct delegate or volunteer for a competent congressional candidate. But it would be a complete disaster to have this guy making a fool of libertarians at the national level. He's just too unprofessional and dishonest to be worth anyone's time and money, in my opinion. But I encourage you to visit his Facebook page and website to make your own decision. I'm confident you'll agree with me.