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Does Bundy own the land or is it leased federal land to graze his cattle?

I'm not quite understanding this whole situation.

According to The Wildlife News:

"On Saturday, April 5 the U.S. Bureau of Land Management BLM) began rounding up the hundreds of cattle owned by rancher Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville, Nevada. The cattle are a mixture of trespass cattle Bundy runs on U.S. public land for which he has no permit and also apparently feral cattle, probably derived from the trespass cattle. In surveys this month, the BLM identified 908 cattle illegally on the scenic, almost 600,000 acre Gold Butte public land area.

When Bundy stopped paying his required grazing fees in 1993, the BLM had authorized him to graze only 152 cattle."

So, Bundy owns the cattle but not the land, as I'm understanding.

UPDATE: The land is not federally owned, it is federally protected public land.

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From this RT article since 1870 the family has been there.


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cliven bundy in same pickle as wayne hage..

its a re-play of the same systemic power grabbing scheme:

Investigative Documentary By David Morgan, The Asheville Tribune
October 29, 1999

good explanation of what the EVIL, GREEDY, LYING, THIEVING, MURDERING mofo'ers have been up too

And Wayne Hage's incident had

And Wayne Hage's incident had nothing to do with an endangered species of any kind. He was constantly harassed and it even said the Feds were caught driving his cattle into areas they weren't supposed to be, citing him with trespassing. They were even shot at by the Feds. Terrible.

Wow! That's a must read for everyone


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According to his daughter, he paid grazing fees to the BLM

which was to help manage the land - fencing, water, etc. Then he realized HIS money was being used against him - they have regulated and chased out all the other ranchers, he's the last one standing. He has offered to pay the County the grazing fee which they would not accept. He believes Clark County owns the land, I'm not sure how/when the Federal Govt. decided they own it.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

real estate agent called in...

said he was sent out there by several companies with offers to buy this land from Bundy,which has been in his family for generations.They want to purchase it for water & military grade resources on the land.He has refused to sell,so the military complex is sending in their muscle(aka...the federal gov)to steal it from him "legally"

To my understanding

the Bundy family has generational property rights by virtue of divestment to the land (ex. building irrigation etc).

The federal government, however has encroached on the family's holdings with Agenda 21-type claims of 'domain' with coercive payment and lethal force

More here

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This video helped to make it more clear.

Same here.

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He grazed on it

before any of these agencies existed so I would guess he owned it before they stole it.

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My question also.