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Ruby Ridge (Full Documentary)

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Today, 20 years later, Sara

Today, 20 years later, Sara Weaver has left the anger behind, finding religion — and forgiveness.

call me naive--

but where did this man (Randy Weaver) ever proclaim his beliefs?

I've only 'heard'/'read' that he is/was a white supremacist. I've become concerned that this might have been merely an accusation by the MSM in order to neutralize sympathy for what happened to this family.

Even in this letter by Spence, Weaver doesn't proclaim his beliefs.

Yes, I am aware that there are (by hearsay) white supremacists in northern Idaho, but his being there; is that enough?

I would have to see where this man, himself, in his own documented words, proclaimed his political/religious beliefs.

It's feeling like a red herring to me. Especially since he was in special forces. He's feeling (Weaver) like a 'patsy' to me.

And, no, I have no sympathy for neo-nazism or any kind of supremacy.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

NWO is "Ruby Ridge-ing" all life on the planet

... right now as i'm trying unsuccesfully to keep it together while watching this documentary in a public location ... notice that plane up above me spraying some weird evil mixture of nano aluminum nano barium particulates plus some strange laboratory designer bioweapon ...
{ 3/14/14 radio former Bechtel Dane Wigington describes latest research into wtf are they spraying on us ... }

the same NWO that sent those stupid goons is spraying slow death right over your head ...

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Gerry Spence had no easy task in defending Randy Weaver.

Only Spence could have done it, IMO.
From Freedom To Slavery: The Rebirth of Tyranny in America
Gerry Spence On Why He Agreed to Defend Randy Weaver
Randy Weaver's wife was dead, shot through the head while she clutched her child to her breast. His son was shot, twice. First they shot the child's arm, probably destroyed the arm. The child cried out. Then, as the child was running they shot him in the back. Randy Weaver himself had been shot and wounded and Kevin Harris, a kid the Weavers had all but adopted was dying of a chest wound. The blood hadn't cooled on Ruby Hill before the national media announced that I had taken the defense of Randy Weaver. Then all hell broke loose. My sister wrote me decrying my defense of this "racist". There were letters to the editors in several papers that expressed their disappointment that I would lend my services to a person with Weaver's beliefs. And I received a letter from my close friend Alan Hirschfield, the former chairman of chief executive officer of Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox, imploring me to withdraw.
"My name is Gerry Spence" I began. "I'm the lawyer you've been told about. Before we begin to talk I want you to understand that I do not share any of your political or religious beliefs. Many of my dearest friends are Jews. My daughter is married to a Jew. My sister is married to a black man. She has adopted a black child. I deplore what the Nazis stand for. If I defend you I will not defend your political beliefs or your religious beliefs, but your right as an American citizen to a fair trial." His quiet answer was, "That is all I ask." Then I motioned him to a red plastic chair and I took a similar one. And as the guards marched by and from time to time peered in, he told his story.
More at:

I read the whole letter. Just Wow. Deserving of its own post.

So profound.

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I get very emotional when reading it. This letter hits bedrock.

I'll take your recommendation in light of what is happening in Nevada and what has already happened at Ruby Ridge. Thanks.

Gerry Spence Could Envision

..what others could not.

He saw "the big picture" and took the high road.
We could use a few more men of his caliber.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


bad memories

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That was intense

Thanks for posting that. I'd never seen it before. Wow, powerful.

AJ makes an appearance at around 46:00.

All of this took place in the background for me - back in 1992, I had just started graduate school. I remember this going on in the MSM - Ruby Ridge, Waco. But I had other things on my mind. It must have been pretty intense for those watching in real time. Just like what is going on now with the Bundy ranch.

Really intense. Thanks.