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Whose Theory of Consciousness is More Correct - the Mayans' or the Incans'?

So I'm just working out the final kinks in my universal theory of consciousness, and I thought maybe I'd do some research and see if anyone else before me had figured it out, and so far no. However, it appears that both the Mayan and Inca cultures worked out what they thought was the right answer.

What I want to know is, which of the following two esoteric theories, the Mayan or the Incan is better?

Please click through to wikipedia to see the 9 Mayan levels of consciousness:

"The pyramid of consciousness has defined Mayan thought since the dawn of its civilization around 2000 BCE. Shamans and priests defined consciousness as an awareness of being aware, commonly referred to as a branch of metacognition. Because consciousness incorporates stimuli from the environment as well as internally, the Mayans believed it to be the most basic form of existence.[1]

This existence, which they referred to as a loose translation of Cosmos, was made up of nine underworlds, depicted concretely through the nine-storied Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chichen Itza, the Temple of the Jaguar in Tikal, and the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque. Within these nine underworlds are a specified "day" and "night", symbolizing periods of enlightenment, increased consciousness, and a heightened ability to interact with the universe.[2]"

Click here for the Incas 7 levels of consciousness:

"Whereas the Ancient Mayans defined consciousness in almost evolutionary terms, the Inca civilization considered it a progression of awareness and concern for others,[4] similar to the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama."

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I have a consciousness theory too.

Drink slower, stay conscious longer.

There may be something to your incoherent extrapolations.

I'll drink on it.

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*as soon as I get into Wifi territory.


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Your work please.


Well this is all just from Wikipedia...

But I'll source my theory certainly...

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My request

Is out of frustration concerning philosophical offers of competitive viewpoints.

Each time I try to prove my work I run into the problem concerning limited perspective. The viewpoint perceiving is certainly limited in any viewpoint other than one.

The one viewpoint perceiving is not limited while perceiving perception.

I do not intend to confuse anyone with those arrangements of symbols, rather my intent is to offer as far as I can get with the proof of my work on philosophical offers of competitive viewpoints.

Perception does exist, as every attempt to prove that it does not exist proves that it does exist instead of proving that it does not exist, so far. I've at least reached that point of certainty concerning what does exist in fact.


correction - I will offer very little'proof'...

I intend to offer up a philosophy of living based on mine and others' observations. For example sub-atomic particles sometimes act like they are conscious but it is beyond my ability to prove it.

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I'm almost all ears.



It seems that the Mayans generalized in a universal, temporal sense (as indicated by: "Whereas the Ancient Mayans defined consciousness in almost evolutionary terms...") making the assertion that every human would be at approximately the same consciousness level, whereas the Inca honed in on only the individuals' level of consciousness.

I think both frameworks hold some elements of truth, but maybe more-so the one laid out by the Incas because of it being applicable to humanity for the purpose of bettering of the individual which in turn leads to the bettering of surrounding individuals which then leads to the bettering of exponential amounts of individuals and thus mankind, potentially.

Managing Consciousness is the Difference I Think.

The Mayans were not trying to control time, where as the Inca were trying to. This is the difference to me. The Mayans measured time as a change in consciousness. Where as the Inca (who took over other civilizations) tried to manage and control the destiny of time and consciousness.

Would you say the Inca discovered ego, and the Mayans

Transcended it?

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Weren't the Mayans predicting TEOTWAWKI in 2012?

I'd go with the Incas.

2012 was on the inaccurate Gregorian calendar...

It's actually still coming.

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