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Innocent Driver Gets Rammed By U.S. Customs Van. Customs Agents Lie and Blame Him. His Dash Cam Proves Otherwise.

UPDATE 4/11: We’ve just received a copy of the Police Report, and the Border Patrol employees lied about what happened. Click this link to see the Police Report.

Just a few days ago, I installed a Timetec Roadhawk Dashcam in my car, and wrote about it here. My main reason for doing this was to protect and defend myself in court in case I get pulled over for a traffic stop. My dash cam is like a black box for my car, always on and always recording.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that, in case of an accident, having clear proof of what happened can be crucial! At this point, a video of what happened to me yesterday will be far better than any words I can offer explaining it, so just check it out here:

Read more at http://libertycrier.com/innocent-driver-gets-rammed-border-p...

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If the van ...

... were a regular car, no doubt they would be at fault for an illegal turn.

If it were an ambulance, then they would have the right of way and the driver with the video cam would be at fault.

The border patrol is not an emergency vehicle, and they were not engaged in an emergency situation, so they are just like the regular car. They are at fault. Besides that, this did not occur at the border.

Having said that, continuing to drive at speed when others are slowing down is a bit on the dumb side (for obvious reasons).

That would be my reasoning if I were on the jury.

What I see is a US Customs

What I see is a US Customs van with lights on, and they are legal to do so, making a illegal left run, no big deal, legal, through a red light as well, still legal, as he has his lights on, what is noticeable is a car ramming the van with emergency lights on, clearly the cars as driver passed slowed and stopped for emergency vehicle to make that illegal left turn on a red light. And they crashed in emergency customs van. Even when going into that intersection through a green light, means nothing to me, emergency vehicle was hit, I see a reckless endangerment on the black car.

my take, like it means something... lol

spoken like a clueless ambulance driver

who thinks they are above the law and invincible.

you both messed up

when a car breaks before an intersection you have to stop too.

consider yourself lucky it was a car, and not a pedestrian, that popped out from behind that stopped car.

also, just a guess, but it's possible a loud radio impeded your ability to hear sirens (presuming he properly used one?)

not sure where you live but in my state they tend to divvy up the fault by percentage.

for example if you know a light is about to turn green and you gun it into the intersection just as it turns, if you collide with somebody who ran a red light then the law still partially puts you at fault.

"when a car breaks before an

"when a car breaks before an intersection you have to stop too"

I don't see any broken cars before the intersection. ;)

And no, you don't "have to" stop every time someone brakes before an intersection. It is a good idea to pay attention to why a car is braking for no apparent reason, but more often than not it is simply a confused driver who is new to an area, or someone who has changed their mind at the last minute and wants to get into that left turn lane.

The van ran a red light, period. It was not an emergency vehicle. And even if it was, it clearly did not have a siren on. The crash was loud and clear, and there wasn't even a hint of the sound of a siren from the van which was only feet away. It is also the -responsibility- of the driver of an emergency vehicle to be sure an intersection is clear before driving against the light.

The fact that the driver of the van yelled at the OP about not seeing some imaginary red light tells you exactly who was making up facts to cover his own mistake.

obviously the van is at fault for several reasons

but in my state both parties are guilty. to you downvoters who probably grew up in a one-lane highway neighborhood, go ahead and read this:


Now that I watch it again, in

Now that I watch it again, in slow motion, the Border patrol has the light son on top, which is why all the cars around him stopped.. however, he needed to pay better attention to other cars coming, like the one that rammed into him.. or used AUDIBLE sirens..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Siren's aren't an option in

Siren's aren't an option in this case. They are a requirement. Lights alone don't cut it. He ran the light illegally.

my only wonder is

What would a border patrol van need lights and or sirens for? What was he rushing to get to? I would like that part of the story to come out and see how this will play out.

I just can't see why they would actually need lights or sirens for anything. Was there someone jumping over the border and this guy NEEDED to get there a.s.a.p.? to stop them or was he using those lights/sirens so he can get through traffic faster than the rest of the population.

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You can Bet He wasn't in a hurry to arrest any Illegal Aliens

Maybe the "HOT LIGHT" was on at Crispy Creme.

Shield of Invincibility

What is it with cops that they think their lights and siren are a shield of invincibility, that they can drive recklessly just assuming that drivers can see them and that they don't need to look and beware before proceeding against traffic?

Also, what is it with cops who think their vehicles' lights and siren are for their personal convenience in flouting traffic laws, rather than reserved for emergencies?

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im pretty sure this is the

im pretty sure this is the vans fault. clearly the van was taking a left turn when it should not have been.

Just noticing

Why did the other cars stop for the green light

The other cars stopped

because they could see the van acting hinky. Those same cars were blocking the driver's view of the van.

I agree that the epitomy of defensive driving is to wonder what view the stopped cars are blocking. But it was still his right of way.

Defend Liberty!

I saw the same thing

I think the BP van had his lights flashing ?

... more to this story than what I am being told/shown.

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Comments ...

physics2010: "The very first time I watched it I immediately began to question why the cars in the next lane over were stopping. Shooting by stopped traffic while going the speed limit is a danger in itself. With that said the border patrol apparently didn't have a siren and it'll be very interesting to hear their story of what they were rushing to that required them to crash an intersection."

tedoworld: "They were going to work as per the police report."


Would love to see a copy of that police report where border patrol agents were running lights for a destination of "work."

You're right. The Customs

You're right.
The Customs driver was rushing to the airport and had blue lights flashing -- doesn't grant the same privi's as an emergency vehicle or police.

The other cars were ahead of this driver blocking his view of the oncoming customs van.

The cam has a little better vantage point than the driver because it sits higher than the driver.
So this is one of those perfect timing things where everything went wrong.
At least the driver can prove he had the legal right of way.
If not for the cam he may be toast because witnesses could have said he ran a red light, assuming that based on all other cars being stopped.