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"Rand needs to pounce on the Nevada rancher situation"

So says a poster at the Ron Paul Forums:

This is a great example of a federal agency out of control. The state government of Nevada is not pleased.

Rand should condemn the agency's militarized escalations, blast them for creating free speech zones, and call for federal lands to be returned to the states.

This would win him a lot of support.

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I Believe Rand Will Come Out Regarding this situation. He is

probably working this weekend on a speech. I have faith he will be speaking up about it. He will be proud of all the patriots that stood against the BLM, SWAT and other agencies today. He will talk about what a patriot Bundy and his family is too. He will slam the freedom of speech zones.



If Rand says anything it will be that Bundy should be tried for his crimes.

It will be too late

if Rand comes out now in condemnation. He's better off not saying anything now.

John F

Rand's too chicken to do

Rand's too chicken to do anything like that