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Sanity Check Radio Show: April 12, 2014 episode now online

What is liberty? Discussions surround the events in Bunkerville, NV in the Gold Butte region. The Federal Bureau of Land Management steals cattle from farmer Cliven Bundy, and they attempt to seize the land of Gold Butte. The Three Percenter Militia move in by the hundreds to defend the Bundy Ranch from the overreaches of a tyrannical government. Hillary Clinton gives a speech to the scrap-metal recycling industry, and gets paid tens-of-thousands of dollars to talk about a topic she knows nothing about. It this just a political payoff, like her speech to the national realtors industry years earlier? Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA-D) looks to kill free speech of all citizens who are not on the payroll of a government approved news organization. Feinstein’s “Journalist Shield Law“ is to free speech what the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act is to Fourth Amendment privacy, anything but.

Listen here: http://sanitycheckradioshow.com/portfolio-view/april-12-2014/