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Is Harry Reid behind the actions of BLM in Nevada?

Is Harry Reid behind the actions of BLM in Nevada?

Posted by Paul Shannon / April 10, 2014

Harry Reid, the BLM and Nevada

As shown in a Misguided Children article, Harry Reid is the former boss of Neil Kornze, the current head of the Bureau of Land Management. As a matter of a fact, other than Kornze has only his father as a reason that someone with degrees in politics and foreign relations would have any reason to head a government agency that is part of the Department of Interior and is tasked with managing federally controlled lands. Most of the state of Nevada is controlled by the BLM and they are killing most chances for anything because of their need for studies. This is the case in the Elko area, where Kornze is from and Nye County.

Here is how Geoffrrey Lawrence, a deputy director of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, describes Nye County, where some of the biggest oil and natural deposits were found.

Read more: http://misguidedchildren.com/politics/2014/04/is-harry-reid-...

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