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Awesome Bundy Video Up ~ Panoramic Views Of The Massive Patriot Militia Gathering ~ Sheriff Making Statement Ending Standoff

Federal agency pulls back in Nevada ranch standoff, but legal fight remains

Video of that confrontation spread on the Internet, along with blog commentary claiming excessive government force and calls to arms from self-described militia leaders. Some have invoked references to deadly confrontations with federal authorities, including a siege of a ranch home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and the fiery destruction of a religious compound near Waco, Texas, that killed 76 people in 1993.

"Our mission here is to protect the protestors and the American citizens from the violence that the federal government is dishing out,” Jim Landy, a member of the West Mountain Rangers, who made the journey from Montana to Nevada, told Fox News Channel. “People here are scared."

Arizona state Rep. Bob Thorpe of Flagstaff said he and state legislators weren't arguing whether Bundy broke laws or violated grazing agreements. Thorpe said the Arizona lawmakers were upset the BLM initially restricted protesters to so-called free speech zones.

Sen. Dean Heller and Gov. Brian Sandoval, both Republicans, have also said they were upset with the way the BLM was conducting the roundup. After the areas were removed Thursday, Sandoval issued a new statement.

"Although tensions remain high, escalation of current events could have negative, long lasting consequences that can be avoided," it said.

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Liberty Tree

Just when you thought there was no hope left for America. This is a much needed victory for the people of America. I know it's far from over but at the same time, a crack has been revealed in the seemingly invincible armor of the almighty government. This is truly a David and Goliath moment.

It's a combination of things that won the day. Armed citizens, exposure via the internet, and high profile backing by individuals like sheriff Mack (and many others).

I want to thank Mr Bundy and everyone who stood their ground.

Case Study

Interesting case study this has been. Much to learn from...

The Tiny Dot

Who's Got The Microphone Now?

There is no them.

There's only us.

America is rising to the occasion!


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

To All Liberty Nazis: Now Hear this

I didn't say I agreed with the Faux news reporter.

I said the video had some good wide angle shots of the event.
And it featured the Sheriff Making a Statement Ending the Standoff.

That is all.
That is all.

But I still love your passion.


...clear-headed; gotta love ya!

Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

"The BLM is going to cease THIS operation"

No doubt that doesn't mean "all operations".

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Lots of inaccurate info in

Lots of inaccurate info in that piece. Almost seems like the reporter is one of people who thinks Bundy is a freeloader. Its the most mainstream media has said about it in an almost un-bias fashion


where credit due: nicely done story and video.

Thx for sharing

scawarren's picture

Please tell me you didn't

Please tell me you didn't actually watch that video and read the "story" they wrote.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain


I watched to inform my opinion: it was fairly objective since the report didn't say that either side was right, and it acknowledged claims by both parties (inc. Bundy's generational property holdings).

In fact, they actually used the language of 'victory' for demonstrators with firearms, complete with a speech from the local Sheriff.

The fact that citizens who were notably carrying weapons when challenging federal agents were not called 'terrorists' also, in itself is a sign of success.