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The Cattle have been released, Infowars video feed!

The Infowars video feed from Bundy Ranch Is Back up, and running. We are waiting for the Cows to be released!

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The SURVIVING cattle have been released!

As mentioned before, the BLM's use of helicopters to round them up, effectively drove some cattle to death, some bulls were shot, and new-born calves were separated from their heifers, and left to die.

The full impact on Bundy's herd has yet to be measured, but Harry Reid and son, ought to be sued for damages of this action to the fullest extent of the law; including the water infrastructure purposely destroyed by Harry's contracted thugs at the BLM.

I believe part of the no-fly zone nonsense being arbitrarily imposed, is to kept the damages done to water resources by BLM heavy-equipment, from being exposed.

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Nice. Now everyone... to Harry Reid's office!


David doing great......

but when the cattle were released he had the camera turned to the crowd. 8)

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

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I will be there

If this starts to happen close by me, I will be in front of the line.


Who would of thought it could of been Harry? (purple)

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I Want to See Why They Shot Two Bulls

Don't bulls cost at least $5000 each?
Obviously they were not ranchers.

You don't order Bulls around.
The nice ones will just ignore you while gently walking right over you.

Stupid people with guns.

Maybe they will follow up these actions with a humanitarian forced march of tortoises to the reclaimed territory.

I can't believe we're all paying for this.

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I don't know if they were

I don't know if they were shot by the BLM or their hired hands but it would be nice to see those that participated with the BLM boycotted.

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Just watching...

cattle running down road...they have been released.

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Nice job SJ


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David Knight said they are

David Knight said they are being released.


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