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"One & Done" - All politicians who've served for one term should be voted out . . .

no questions and no exceptions unless they want to run for a different office.

If the American people ever caught on to the effectiveness of this simple plan, this "clean house" policy and mentality could change things in a hurry! Surely this could be supported by a wide range of people.

"One and Done" could become the rallying call dreaded by both the politicians and the corporations!

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Most politicians should be "none and done"

"One and Done" is the only realistic strategy

that can work - here's why! It's the only strategy the people understand and control, plus - it doesn't require the passing of any legislation.

If the people like Rand Paul but he understands the people's power of One-and-Done, then he simply makes plans to run for a different office next term.

The power is in simplicity!

Read the Constitution... then use our heads, and think!

It will change NOTHING!

The same grassroots, who now have the best term limits in history, which balance time to get the job done with the short term of two years, will be voting just as ignorantly, just as sleepily, just as couch-potato-like, as before!

Getting those grassroots to open their constitution to change by those who brought us corruption in the first place, will nonetheless be impossible. We cannot even get them to vote correctly with their most beautiful and sound of all systems they have now!

If they had a scintilla of sense at all they would realize, then rise up and rebel at the thought of such a change in the first place, since the only thing it accomplishes is taking away their right to choose their candidates by limiting them to one term!! They will be simply cutting their own liberty off at the vote!

All that loss in the face of the fact that the party will in any case, still lie, and continue to cheat and steal their way past the naive grassroots, into controlling the nominee! Just as they have before without good involvement by the grassroots. Except this time they will have a long list on their "short-list" of corrupt candidates to fill in the blanks for every one of your new term limited elections, each two years!

How is that for change?

What is missing in the whole term limit argument is that the idea is pushed by the CFR who want total constitutional change to remove the both the power of the people, as well as God as the giver of all inherent rights.

Underneath the CFR perfidy we find the ignorant voters who, unable to muster the votes for their pet cause, covet total change in their own favor by a utopian view of changing the constitution.

In reality it is a dystopian view. It cannot come to pass by their few votes.

It is a fearful view for it's freedom sacrificing consequences!

Sure it will. It would change everything!

Just think of all the entrenched corporate neo-cons and liberals we would not have now - if this policy was adopted: McCain, Reid, Beohner, Gragham, McConnell etc. Surely we would be better off with a clean house every election cycle and obviously what we have now "ain't" workin. And don't give me that term limits pipedream, it'll never happen!

What about Ron Paul?

The Constitution just needs to be enforced, that's all. Commit treason, get hanged. Simple.

Term limits might be a good band-aid and certainly would prevent a lot of problems, but I don't believe that 1 term is a fair limit. You need time to learn how the system works.

wouldn't make any difference.

wouldn't make any difference. If the other anti Constitutional douches are gone, new would not have to have the Ron Pauls and Amashs and Massies reelected to counter balance. Ron was going to leave but then found he couldn't because there was no other voice against the long time career politicians. I would not say 1 and done I would say 2 terms in the congress and 1 term in the senate.

It would costs the lobbyists a little more money to buy off

a new set of politicians every couple of years.

"An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought."

- Simon Cameron, who served as United States Secretary of War for Abraham Lincoln

Learning how to exploit the system is the

main problem we have now. If they know they are going to be voted out after one, their allegiance remains with the people and not the special interest. Also a clean house mentaility prevents the power of seniority from taking over.


we'd have a pension crisis from all the free loading politicians that get lifetime pensions after only one term.

Not neccessarily

Because we can demand the new people nullify that pension policy along with a wide range of other bad policies. Besides if they are going to get a pension anyway, corporate politicians would do less harm in retirement than in office.