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Almost 7 years here and Now Cancer strikes our family...Trying all that is posted...+

Well....I have been here almost 7 years and read and read...and loved the Cancer posts...and have prayed when fellow members had it strike their family. Now it strikes mine. I hope somebody can put this image of my dad and my sister and I on the front...
Here is the facebook post.

THC...Vitamin C...Colo-dial Silver...and chemo..here we go.

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What kind?

What kind of cancer is it?

There is no generic cancer. The diseases called cancer have various mechanisms and require differing treatments. Most if not all generalized "cancer cures" are bunk. This is serious stuff. Talk to your oncologist.

(I have a kind of cancer that has no cure, but with treatment I have lived with it rather comfortably for seven years.)

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I know you're trying everything

hope this helps lift your spirits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GFOlWMKquU#t=16

Prayers for you at this tough time

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you Dad!

If there is anything my company can do, please let us know. We are an international source for medications and supplements.

First I want to say Beautiful Family

I'm not going to preach here. Just share what worked for me.
This guy is one of the few who gives it pure.
Doesn't ask for money for miracles.
Doesn't tell you your faith isn't good enough. None of that.
I wouldn't give him a minute if that was the case..
Been a believer since 1976 - Never heard anyone teach like he does. His teaching has helped me be healed many, many times.

Psalm 107:20
He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Your Bible will do you no good if you leave it on your bedside table, gathering dust. It will do you no good if you hold it like a teddy bear when you are facing your “giants”. But God’s Word will do you a lot of good when you receive it as truth and speak it as truth! Then, you will see your healing and deliverance from every evil condition that has been sent to destroy you!

The Bible says that “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”. Now, when God wants to heal you, what does He do? He sends His Word. Before God delivers you from your destruction, He sends His Word.

Are you still waiting to experience the blessing of healing that Jesus died on the cross to give you? Don’t feel condemned. Your Father in heaven loves you and wants you well. But how does your healing come? By you receiving His Word on healing that He has already sent you. His promises of healing are all there in your Bible. But have you received them?



Vitamin C Injections Kills Cancer - Research Confirms

I've been hearing a lot about this Vitamin C treatment, ..u might want to check this out.


U can also Google Vitamin C injections as a Cancer treatment.

I'll be praying for you and your family, God Bless

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...there is a place down in Mexico that heals cancer.


Go there first before you do ANYTHING!!!

Heard good stories about this place. The cost and care can not be beat. It is cheaper than you think. Call them and enquire NOW! Let us know how it works out.

May God care for you all, and cure the sick one.

Blessings all around your house.


There are indeed good places to go for alternative

treatment but not this one.... I hesitated to reply to this but I do know of this place. My sister in law was there for an extended time and it was not good, it was not cheap either. And yes the care can certainly be beat. I will respectfully leave it at that.

From all I have read, it

From all I have read, it simply seems that cancer cells can not live in an alkaline environment that is oxygen-rich. If I got cancer I would do whatever it took to eat so my body became alkaline, and shove anti-oxidant stuff, breathe pure O2, etc. I find it hard to believe in apricot kernels because one of my favorite actors from a long time ago, Steve McQueen, did those and still died like a dog. He had gone to Mexico to get injections of B17, so I don't know about that.

I would highly recommend

a QRA practitioner who works with the PRL (Premier Research Labs) range of nutraceuticals.

I have been working with a practitioner for many years now, and I feel I am actually getting younger, rather than older. For most of my life, I have had joint problems, asthmatic tendencies, adrenal fatigue etc. These conditions have now almost entirely cleared. My personal practitioner has had great success previously with cancer sufferers. (Although while making no claim to treat, cure or prevent. lol)

Also, it is worth getting an HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) test (from said practitioner). This test will ascertain whether the clients body is laden with heavy metals, and also what levels of beneficial minerals exist in the body. This status is fundamental to good health.

Good luck, I hope your search is successful.

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B17 works from my own experience...

During the first week I took B17 I even felt it in my own body that it was stabbing my cancer cells! No kidding!! Please check out 'A World without Cancer' by Edward Griffin and Sandy Rog videos on YouTube...

I keep hearing that the approach varies w/ the type of cancer...

That being said this would be my general approach while adding other things that seem to have legitimacy.

Get only carbs from fibrous seeds/nuts and veggies which are nutrient dense. Those carbs are incidental and beneficial. This will be bad for energy. That's where coconut oil comes in. The whole body except the brain utilizes the oils mct's for energy. Of course organic protein based foods to stave of hunger pains.

*Green Vibrance - Most complete superfood complex I've seen. Added 2,000 iu's of D3 & 25 billion count probiotic from multiple sources.
*Nutrex Hawaiian grown spirulina - Mix right in with the GV. Adding Hemp seed will add low glycemic carbs for sustained energy.
*D3 - YouTube Dr. Joseph Mercola for info.
*Mushroom complex - I've used New Chapter brand. Highest quality I could find.
*Organic food based multi-vitamin

*Primarily use Simpson oil - YouTube 'Run From The Cure'
*Simpson preferred pure indica over sativa. I'd talk to a good caregiver about this. Hybrids may work as well. Wish I knew conclusively. Sorry that I don't at this time. Research. Download the app Leafly. It's the best source of info on strains that I know of. Compare what it says to what a caregiver tells you if you're able to get ahold of one just to make sure the caregiver is credible.
*To compliment the oil I'd go with 3 other items. Glycerine based sublingual tincture, edibles, and 'dabs' if inhalation is used at all. Vaporize the dab. All you need is a portion the size of a grain of rice or two. Half a tic-tac and you're good to go for a while. With no smoke to adulterate the pure taste of each strain the user may feel a little spoiled. So good! Dabs>flower!
*Cannabis leaf juicing is said to be very beneficial and sounds like it'd make a sweet addition to the superfood smoothies!
*If there's any skin cancer you can use Simpson oil topically on affected areas.

Best I can do off of the top of my head. I'm sure there's plenty more I'd personally try in addition what's listed. I usually keep myself on lots of supplements for prevention anyways so I know I'd use all of this and more.

Good luck and God Bless you guys!
I'm praying for a successful fight for your father.


purchase some wild chaga and drink 8 cups per day of chaga tea. Chaga is the King of medicinal mushrooms. Good Luck.

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In 2008 my father-in-law was

In 2008 my father-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and the docs gave him a 20% chance of survival. He had radiation and chemo but it did nothing but make him severely ill and he lost around sixty pounds. During this time I met an 83 year old doctor who bounced around like he was 25 and he told me about B-17. Apricot seeds have a high dosage of B17 so I bought two bags and sent them to my father-in-law. Six months later the cancer was nowhere to be found and he's still with us today so I'm a believer in them; here's a link
Best wishes for your father, takeaction and here's an interesting documentary on cancer and B17...

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I'm always a skeptic

But firm believer in alternative treatments. Thanks for this anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of apricot seeds.

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A skeptic is a good thing to

A skeptic is a good thing to be and to tell you the truth I had a hard time believing in B17 until Chip, my father-in-law, came back cancer free. I didn't find that video from Griffin till years later but I did have this wonderful little 83 year old doc swearing by them because they had helped him too. I believe he's turning 90 in July and I'm praying that I'm able to get around as well as he, and his wife, does when I'm that age.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e.e. cummings

Looks like dad's in a hospital. They will

kill him with their food. Hospital's will feed him simple carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners with almost every meal.
Cancer patients need ultra-high alkaline diet; also take an alka-seltzer every day especially while in the hospital.
When you get home check youtube and orthomolecular.org for cures. Good luck.

You are absolutely correct.

This is one of the glaring problems with the health care system in America. It really bothers me to see what the hospitals are calling food these days.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Based on what I have read...

Get a trans-resveratol supplement. I use asn-pharmasuticals. The problem with resveratol is getting it into the bloodstream in high enough amounts to have an effect on the cancer. Just taking the pill will not do it as it has a low absorption rate through the gut.

The best method is sub-lingual absorption, for this to work it needs to be dissolved in a carrier. Resveratrol does not dissolve in water but it does in alcohol.

In a shot of alcohol (vodka?) dissolve the contents of the pill then let it rest under the tongue for absorption. It tastes like crap but if I had cancer I would do this daily.

chaga, red reishi, turkey tail, shiitake, and oyster mushroms

Make sure to make medicinal mushrooms a big part of your strategy.

Medicinal Mushrooms strengthen the immune system as it is destroyed by the chemo. They can greatly help mitigate the effects of "treatment" by supporting immune function.

Medicinal mushrooms have incredible healing powers beyond that of medicinal herbs. BTW if you have birch trees near you, go find some wild chaga and make tea. I just finished a cup of chaga tea from what I harvested this morning =)


- Grow Mushrooms at Home

The Gerson diet for cancer.

The Gerson diet for cancer. I've heard good things. They have a center too. High dosage C and high alkaline diets also. Problem is that chemo can undo the good stuff. You would have to trust the natural stuff to work and forgo the doctors treatments.

Oral health is important also. I recommend oil pulling and check into taking out those fillings but be sure you find a good dentist that knows how to do it.

I know someone who took out all refined carbs, sugar, dairy, and meat. Not much left to eat but it worked.

Coffee enemas. Sounds gross but I guess it works.

I'm not a doctor and I am not advising any of the above. Just giving you some things to look research.


you and your family are in my prayers

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So sorry to hear this news, takeaction.

You have got to take care of yourself now more than ever. You have to be strong for your dad and strong for you, too. I believe many know you here. You've got the most heavily commented thread in the history of the DP with over 19,000 posts.
There are over 50k DP members, and many are sending healing thoughts your father's way.

I know several people

who have used the macrobiotic diet to heal from cancer.
Blessings to your Dad..prayers.

I have this book and here are

I have this book and here are some of the things under the cancer index.
He has a book and dvd set.

But to give some perspective. I was sick and tried dandelions at whole foods for the first time- they were from california. Nothing happened was I going to give up. Sparing a long story, I decided to try the ones in the front yard. The difference was so dramatic that I had a life changing moment. Source is IMPORTANT. If you don't feel anything happening. It could be the plant choice or the plant source. So keep that in mind. Dandelion from whole foods weren't organic and tasted like lettuce. From the yard, had a tingly sweet flavor but are bitter. (Bitter foods activate the liver). When you need it, for some strange reason they have a sweet tinge.

Its about changing your diet. Use fresh foods- not in a can or from walmart.
Easiest way is to juice them.

Dandelion, Aloe Vera Plant, Agrimony blessed Thistle, Burdock, Cleavers, clover, Broad bean, Echinacea, fenugreek, ginger, wild licorice, Lemon, Mulberry, Cleavers. Curly mustard, Mustard greens, cedar, mulberry - common tree, olive, prickly pear cactus(Mexican and Asian markets), nettle, slippery elm, sage, TURNIPS, wheatgrass, yellow dock.
And then other fruits and vegetables. JERUSALEM Artichoke works well for me.

You can make your own supplements that last a while (for a powdered meal you can add to a drink)
Cut them into small pieces
Dry them on cookie sheet at 170 degrees. approx. 2 or three hours.
When dry add them to a blender without liquid and blend well.
Store in empty container.

Touches on byrzynski at about the 19 min mark

Path to recovery

What to do.
1. Don't Eat Hospital Food(or if you can't avoid it add more of organic vegetables and herbs, avoid packaged food with lots of ingredients and sugar.

2. Detox Using Natural herbs

3. Replenish your nutrients by consuming quality food. Organically grown without pesticides

It is based on at the cell level, being cleaned and nutrients being available.

1. Big Corporations use monoculture to create one type of crop for mass production to maximize profits (Imagine a large cornfield).

2. The soil becomes overworked, the corn is sold. Insufficient nutrients returned to soil, farm utilizing only (NPK) Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus- or in some cases no nutrients added at all.

3. This Results in weaker plants

4. Weaker Plants are attacked by bugs. There is not enough strength to defend against attack. Swarms of one type of Insect attack a particular crop to balance and fix a problem.

5. A Monoculture farmer buys nutrient Robbing cell invading pesticides to ensure corn stays alive and protect profits.
Toxins can stay in the cells blocking nutrients for years.

6. You Consume not only nutrient deficient food. But food laced with pesticides that block nutrient from the the cell.

7. Have you ever noticed when reading about the benefits of one herb, or one plant, or vegetable. The list is very long for the health issues it is good to take for?
Example http://www.healingfoodreference.com/broccoli.html

8. Here is the secret, It is because the health of the body is based on Having ALL of the nutrients it needs. A LACK OF ONE MINERAL IS THE BEGINNING OF DISEASE.

9. look up what the list of the negative effects of if you are missing one nutrient, say calcium. http://www.thebestofrawfood.com/calcium-deficiency-symptoms.....

This is why having a good detox of toxins and choosing your food carefully is so important..

Listen to your body.
If you eat something organic and you start feeling better in some way
add it to your "hit list" If not move on to the next food documented to help with cancer. ( From Personal experience it speeds the healing process dramatically.)


Thank you so much for all of the great comments. Heading to the hospital now...I just logged on to see if anybody posted...WOW. You guys are awesome. Will come back in the afternoon and read it all.

cancer and silversol

short of an IV treatment which is available at
a few places,
2 oz 30 ppm per day for 4 weeks,
1 0z 30 ppm per day for 4 weeks,
.5 oz 30 ppm per day for 12 weeks,
thereafter 3 tsp per day


cancer and silversol

short of an IV treatment which is available at
a few places,
2 oz 30 ppm per day for 4 weeks,
1 0z 30 ppm per day for 4 weeks,
.5 oz 30 ppm per day for 12 weeks,
thereafter 3 tsp per day


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Dr. Burzynski in Texas is the

Dr. Burzynski in Texas is the one thing I would look into. The FDA fought this man for years and finally had to give in to opening "trials" on his treatments. He has many full cures to his name.

My dad checked in with him

My dad checked in with him when he had cancer. He is still operating but only able to take kids with brain cancers that are considered beyond treatable by chemo. This is what the feds decided for him.