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What is Rand's position on Cliven Bundy?

Has he given an official response?


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had a feeling I would be beaten to it. First time Ive had the chance to log in today.

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'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

if Romney was prez

would Rand's take be the same? I'm just curious since it took Rand a couple of days for the dust to settle (confer with his lawyers?) before he made his statement. Ron Paul on the other hand immediately condemned the Feds. I'm simply posing a question here and would appreciate a civil reply. Thank you.

Rand says he would take the

Rand says he would take the same stances if we had a Republican President:

"VAN SUSTEREN: How much of politics in Washington is about winning and how much is about solving problems?

PAUL: For some, it is about winning. I try to take a different approach. I am a physician. I see a problem and want to solve it. I do see things completely regardless of who has the presidency, Republican or Democrat. When I stood to filibuster the drones or the potential droning of an American citizen, I said I would have done the same if it was a Republican president, and I think people believe me. Honestly, the party doesn't make a difference. It's about power. What the president is doing now to amend ObamaCare, without legislative authority, is absolutely wrong. But if it were a Republican president doing it, I would be just as critical."


for your view. of course it's impossible to know for sure, and each issue would be different. drones are unpopular with everyone except those who welcome a police state. i applauded the filibuster loudly and then he had to stick his foot in his mouth the next day, and does he ever mention the drones abroad killing families by accident? i'd say you are probably half right, after all he is a professional politician.

Welcome, but those are his

Welcome, but those are his words, not my view. I just posted what he said. I don't see how I could be half right, seeing as I did not post my opinion. But I do think Rand gave a clear answer to your question when he said:

"I do see things completely regardless of who has the presidency, Republican or Democrat."

so if his dad was prez

he still would have signed this bill?

Because no matter what Rand

Because no matter what Rand does or says it will never be good enough in his eyes. Like I said.

Because no matter what Rand

Because no matter what Rand does he will not be good enough in your eyes. That's why.

that's not fair

and you know it. do you really think you know me that well to make a general assumption like that? i've supported the senator on many occasions (as i do here). besides you avoided the perfectly reasonable question and switched it to an attack. no surprise there..
notice the RON PAUL sign at the demonstration?

Whoa...Simmer down brother. I

Whoa...Simmer down brother. I was only poking some fun at ya. ; )

and here i thought

you were only avoiding the question and being snide. and silly you for using the happy face in the wrong post.

It's a wink.

It's a wink.

so it is

wasn't romney famous for that? no, i guess it was palin.

i don't mind a poke, but letting me know after the fact is, well, kind of sneaky.

i'm wondering if rand will at some point come out as THE peace candidate like his dad? the field is wide open. the majority of the american people are sick of the corporate wars, and the death machine. it looks like the neocons have turned against rand and aren't looking for any compromise (no surprise there). this would change things drastically to have a candidate who is not only strongly against the growing police state, but also makes it known he is strongly against meddling abroad with sanctions, wars, and assassinations.

Rand has often criticized

Rand has often criticized members of his own party but has been very careful not to stir trouble with the big wigs. They will crucify him just like his father.

Rand Paul defends Cliven Bundy:

“The federal government shouldn’t violate the law”



thank you

for the link!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Beat me to it.

Beat me to it. This should be posted to the post.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I think this is a trap for Rand Paul

I think there trying to set Rand up. Just a gut feeling

"Government Bullies"


Government regulations are out of control. They dictate how much water goes into your commode, and how much water comes out of your showerhead. They determine how hot the water needs to be in your washing machine, and how many miles to the gallon your car must achieve. Since the Patriot Act, your banking records, your gun registration, and your phone bill are easily accessible by government snoops. Mothers are arrested for buying raw milk. Families are fined for selling bunny rabbits without a license. Home and property owners are strapped with obscene fines, entangled in costly legal messes, and sent to federal prison, all for moving dirt from one end of their land to another. Unelected bureaucrats, armed with arbitrary rules and no need to back them up, stonewall and attack American citizens at every turn. The damage can be overwhelmingly taxing---financially, emotionally and even physically.

And who is being held accountable? Government regulation and red tape run amok in Washington, and honest, tax-paying citizens are the victims of an administration's misuse and abuse of power. Now, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, takes an in-depth look at the legislation that is trampling the rights of ordinary citizens, strangling their ability to conduct private, everyday activities without egregious government interference. He highlights outrageous searches, seizures and arrests, and points to thousands of regulations that have been added to the books since Obama took office. Most importantly, he charts a direction out of this mess, and toward renewed freedom for all Americans.

These stories are of everyday Americans badgered and harassed by their own government---the very institution that is supposed to serve us all. This gross breach of our constitution is as frightening as it is real, and GOVERNMENT BULLIES is a call to action against it.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

At the moment, Rand has a better chance

of becoming President than the other guys we like.

Who we wish and want to be our President, a person who follows the Constitution to the letter and is backed by the Congress and Senate....is not completely realistic at the moment, since our government has grown into a big giant Monster for many decades.

If we are lucky, and Rand makes it, we'll have a better chance of restricting that Monster. If he doesn't make it, the Monster will continue to grow.

Getting someone in the Presidency capable of restricting the Monster is one thing...the other is decades of the Congress and Senate who like feeding the Monster ...think Reid.

Begin Restricting the Monster or be the Monster's Puppet ...think Obama.

Killing the Monster at this time is not realistic. Sure, it's what we all want, need, and wish for, but the Monster has been growing for a good 100 years and can't be killed in one or two terms ...think Kennedy, he got eaten by the Monster.

It will take a good 20 years of not feeding the Monster, along with electing Congressmen and Senators who help to restrict the Monster for our Country to start becoming and performing Civilized.

We have to start somewhere, and at the moment, Rand has the best chance for all of us to get a foot in the door.

We have to start somewhere.

I know this comment doesn't answer the Post Question, but after reading the other comments, thought I'd try to give an analogy of what the whole picture kind of looks like.

Is anyone BUT Rand supporters surprised?

I'm not even a Randian (Randroid?) but if I was his advisor I'd have told him to stay off it too. At least until the true legal situation becomes clearer to us. And the on the ground situation was so fluid and the outcomes so unknown, there really was a chance it would end in disaster.

Remember, just one agent-provocateur, just one nutcase and it would have instantly destroyed him. Not to mention X amount of people at the Bundy ranch.

There are 3 pieces of media/scholarship that are forming my sense of understanding this mess:

1. Lose the disinfo first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KTJEDMyBm4

2. This is EXACTLY what we needed: http://www.dailypaul.com/316860&from=lbp

3. Judge Nap's summary on the fed's improper position. http://www.dailypaul.com/316810/judge-napolitano-on-the-ranc...

Now we have a foundation to put this on.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Rand Paul posistion.

(For those that don't know the slogan:"Stand with Rand" was invented for a McConnell/RNC fundraiser. Just a note)

ROFL. You wanted someone to win a campaign not someone to make a stand.

Breaking: Rand is Rand - so please downvote me into oblivion, that still won't make rand worth a piss. It will literally prove me right.

Do you really want him to tell all his pro-government supporters their lord and savior did something wrong? Becuase that's what they will say, remember in 2 years they will be at the seat of power and they will want to do the same to dems.

The BLM hasn't left

I believe they are waiting for the crowd disperse, then come back with a fast raid on the Bundy's homes in which there will be crippling and blood shed before any support has a chance to return. We seem to forget how ignorant the government is. They hate embarrassment. They are weak minded, so in my opinion they will come back very quick and try to do their dirty work as fast as possible.

We need to all make a stand against our real enemy.

Government. No matter how small it must always secure funding. In this case we get to see the sausage making in person and on camera. This needs to be seen for what it is. Voting cannot prevent or stop this, but it can only change the target on which it's applied.

HIs silence is not the only silence I have noticed.

I was disappointed when I saw the most recent Texas Straight Talk had nothing to do with the Cliven Bundy situation.

Where's the good Doctor?

Update: The only comment I could find by Ron Paul (pretty mild)


Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

Here's the Cavuto interview.


To me, its not the same though. We already KNOW what Ron Paul was going to say. He's been saying the same things for decades. Rand, on the other hand, is not as predictable. Many of us are still not sure about him. Dr. Paul's interview with Cavuto was good but hardly news.

John F

Rand has a conundrum that Ron does not

You see, Rand is trying to win president which means that every little sylable that is uttered from his mouth or in his name can make or break him. I'm pretty sure, based on his past speeches and voting record, that he'd back up the rancher. However, he has to be VERY careful what to say, or if to say anything, or it could easily cost him his bid for the presidency. Rand is playing politics and the rules of the game are even worse than those of the spoiled kid who owns the ball.

My prediction is that either he'll say nothing or say something to the effect that he hopes this can be resolved peacefully and within the scope of the law.

I agree

Ron never had delusions of winning and didn't really go into it with winning in mind, but Rand wants it. Therefore you will get politically motivated answers, or non answers, based on what Rand thinks will get himself elected.

To me the only thing that makes Rand any better than the rest is the very fact that he is Ron's son. Knowing that he has been influenced by Ron and that they get along well as father and son tells me that behind Rand's desire to win there are basic principles that he shares with his dad.

In other words if Rand is even half the man his dad is then he is better than the rest of the political field.