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The Shift (Part III): Warmth

Thank you once again to those of you who have read my past two threads regarding The Shift. Your consideration is greatly appreciated and cherished. The third part of The Shift focuses on the subtle effect that will come from an internal focus which is learned by cognitive and inquisitive internal listening. Let me just say that humanity is not lost. Our human experience is one of many to come and one of many that have come to fruition. Life, rather living is a wonderful opportunity to foster the spiritual being within us all. We have been given the unique gift of being able to foster the spiritual being through the human condition, the human sensory.

It’s not a fad! It’s not a clique! The warmth I speak of in this thread is subtle, yet the most vital part of The Shift. Today is the 70th day of my choice to become Gluten-Free. I have talked about this extensively on the DP, so I will not rehash what has been said. I will however tell you that the warmth that has swollen within me due to the internal focus, the cognitive and inquisitive internal listening, has brought about what I would call, for lack of a better word, a rebirth. The fact that the immense pain I was under has vanished in the last 70 days is enough to admit that I have been reborn into a warm place. I am still a father, a husband, someone who makes mistakes, someone who gets angry, frustrated, falters and needs to shed some tears from time to time, yet I am changed in my perspectives, my beliefs, my vision of how I can be directly involved and engaged in my own loosing of the external shackles all around me. I have become compelled to share these ideas with you all, in order that you all may find the same warmth I have found.

What exactly is this warmth? It is the fuel that maintains the foundation, rather the ameliorative product that is the expression of the foundation. The warmth is literally the radiation within your physical vessel that comes from the cure of what ails each of us individually. For me, the warmth has come in the form of curing all neural, joint, tissue and eye pain, swelling of joints, dry eyes, painful eyes, thought fog, dizziness and many other health issues. It’s not that the warmth is privy to only certain people; rather it is privy to those who have learned to focus internally in order to allow for the cognitive and inquisitive listening necessary to allow the warmth its infiltration of relative benefit. The warmth has brought about a great and positive responsibility. As I mentioned, I have become compelled to share my experience with you all and those around me. The greatest aspect of the warmth is that it brings the focus and the foundation into the dialogue, and does so in a non-aggressive, non-offensive and empowering way.

This part in The Shift is critical in sustaining the subtle fester that allows for a new dimension of innovation, capability and liberty. We are all capable of innovation. In finding our capacity for innovation, we will come to find ourselves within a new dimension of liberty through it. The warmth allows clarity, whereby recognition and acceptance of each our own capacity for innovation exists. What is innovation? Innovation is the innate, yet repressed by an external focus, ability within us all to be the contributor, the provider, the fundamental source of aspiration, inspiration and emancipation from the magnanimous dependency [we] clamor for in the counterproductive mechanisms of electing representatives who continuously fail to represent and honor their seats.
The founding [fathers] were great innovators.

In fact, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were marvels of innovation, rather marvelous innovations based on the warmth and the susceptibilities offered by it to express the internal through the brilliance of focus and the contemplative listening that is possible by such focus. We do not “owe” the founding [fathers] anything more than that which is possible within ourselves. In all of the argumentative dialogue that has commenced in the last several years regarding these treasures of internal focus and listening, absolutely none of it has addressed the fact that mere men, mortal men, once harnessed the focus necessary in order to bring into scope what others pray be compelled to bring about as well: self preservation. [We] seem to do lesser in preserving, instead choosing to assimilate our own jeopardy through pretentious and irrational ventures. Who are [we] to have claimed so much more foresight than all our living brethren around us? Who are [we] that we have actually, and poignantly so, argued by action and word the justification for the predication of our dethronement of [God] and the prognostication of [Its] naming us as heirs to bring about such dethronement?

Who are [we]? The warmth is within us. [We] have much more potential than afforded to us in these times. Will you trust The Shift and seek it within yourself?

Peace and Love always.

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off topic I guess...

But you mentioned going gluten free.

I wonder if its even possible to buy wheat without the gliadin protein introduced in the 1960's. Isn't that where the problem began?

Anyway thanks for the post, i'm just about convinced to go gluten free myself.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Thanks for the reply...

I would urge you to do what's best for your own health. This has worked wonders for me and I know I'm not the only one to benefit from it. I wish you the strength to take your health into your own hands friend. Peace to you.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness