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Nigel Farage - "There Is No Consent For A United States Of Europe"

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Love from across the sea for Mr. Farage, a true statesman, and

Europe's Ron Paul.


Bump for Nigel Farage from

Bump for Nigel Farage from the U.S.!

Nigel Farage is FUC*&$#()*

Nigel Farage is FUC*&$#()* AWESOME!!!!

Ahh, the modern European

Ahh, the modern European Anti-federalist! Idk what it is about this guy, but it seems like he never runs out of stuff to say...and I love it, as I can listen to him ramble on for hours. I wonder how much support he has in UK?? Is it comparable to the "liberty movement" here in the States?

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"

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"he never runs out of stuff to say"

Yup. You are right. There is plenty of hypocrisy and corruption everywhere. He has an endless supply of material to talk about. When people are telling the truth, there is nothing to remember. Thanks for the bump.

True that

And plus, with the "anti-federalist papers" and the historical shift that eventually transformed the loosely bound sovereign nation-states into the singular entity, The United States, he has a pretty solid argument template to use (along with a plethora of undeniable evidence in support of it). I'm going to be watching EU politics fairly closely going forwards because I think they will shed considerable light onto just how the Anti-Federalist vs Federalist debates must have looked in real time. Hoping the Anti-feds win this one, though I'm not going to be holding my breath. It seems that it's only Farage vs all of them, and though we lost that battle here, with even more intelligent minds on our side, I think the internet and social media can help win this time around.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"