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The Shift (Part IV): Dawn

Thank you to those who have followed the string of threads that have brought us to this one. I am ever-grateful for your consideration and time in entertaining such ideas. These ideas I share are not for entertainment, rather to convey one man’s belief of how [we] can alter the political, economic and ecological atmospheres mired amongst us in order to see that the situation, rather the condition of our entire focus continues to exacerbate the decimation of integrity concerning trust in [man], trust in the interactions of [man] and trust in [man’s] adeptness to recognize [his] place in fostering and caring for what sustains [him]. I truly believe we are at the precipice of a new dawning, a new dimension of being. If you believe this as well, then I invite you to be [entertained] a little more.

It occurs each day. It brings light, a divergence of sound, color, pollen, the peeling of floral eyes and a harkening as the song of birds. It is within us. When I spoke about the warmth in the prior thread, I was speaking about it as a vessel, a means to a happening, to an event. The event is upon us. The dawning is happening. So what is the dawning? If you truly believe that [we] have the capacity to make better this world we reside, then you are already the key factor necessary to give complete rise to it. The warmth is compelling, not coercive; empowering, not discriminative. The dawning is present within each of us. Some of us are completely vested, others on the brink of becoming so. However these words come across to you, know that they are transferential and directly so by the warmth that compels them to the page despite the bedraggled moments that afforded them. I ask you all, how many more moments of your life will you live under the nail of your own thumb, the thumb of your own hand?

The innovation mentioned in the prior thread is that which will bring into mind’s sight the dawning and restorative humanity of [mankind]. Do not believe the outright lie that [we] have lost our humanity, our compassion, our capacity for truth. Do not believe that what you view by the pixels on the screen that shadow is more present than at any time in our past. The difference today is that [we] sensationalize shadows, immortalize demons, serve in our fears those who keep our obedience by antagonizing it. To quote David Bowie, “there is no hell like an old hell”, “there is no shame” but that which we adore through familiarity and placard to our mentality by the dissociative modes and models we idolize. The greatest point of liberty is that it is possible for every single being to live as the manifestation of it.

Whenever there is talk about war these days, what has become the main reasoning behind opposition to it? “Money! We are broke! We do not have the resources to occupy another country!” The truth is that [we] are serving the printing press in order to appease the humanity we’ve forsaken to it! The truth is that [we] are serving the vainglorious whims of delusional [man] instead of serving the wits of the common one. The truth is that [we] have become derided and sordid in the brushing off of the children, women and men dead, and it matters not that those dead were the memories of others or themselves the keepers of the memories of others. It matters not that those dead, those who have become simply collateralized, bleed as do you, love as do you, struggle and strive as do you or receive and give love as do you. Do [you] believe in this system? Do [you] believe this is the ultimate purpose by which we teach and nurture our children to honor?

There will never be a better time in [your] life to awaken to the reality that we are in fact the insinuation our own demise and that we will someday be the flutter of a memory in all the vast ruin of land and space left behind if we do not embrace the focus aligned with our very anatomy and physiology.

Peace and Love always.

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