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Liberty Candidate George Brikho Assists 30 Year Incumbent Sander Levin into Retirement

Liberty Candidate George Brikho is hosting a "Retire Levin" Fundraiser event on April 25, 2014, in Warren, Michigan. Levin has been in office for over thirty years and Brikho has taken on the challenge to push him out of his thirty year tyrannical rein. Brikho is seeking supporters from all around the United States to gain leeway against Michigan's 9th district congressman, Levin. Over the past few years, Levin has has supported the bailouts, gun bans, the Patriot Act, and the stimulus package, as well. For thirty years, Levin has helped strip away the right of Americans. Levin represents the corporations who fund his campaign; not the American people. Brikho is taking a stance against his opponent for the seat in Michigan's 9th district and he needs your support.

Brikho is a dedicated and caring husband. He is a proud father of three lovely children. He has lived in the 9th district for more than 25 years. He is an active member of the community and a dedicated Michigander. Brikho says he is running for Congress because he believes that America is "made of the people, by the people, and for the people". Brikho and his campaign staff focus on the needs of the American people. He is in full support of our country’s Constitution and aims to protect the citizens from unethical efforts from the opposition. He is familiar with the current challenges our country faces and he is concerned with the future of our children. His dedication was born from his experience and empathy, his passion for America is strong. Brikho explains, “I want to help my fellow Americans to live the best life they can and I know I can do that because I can relate.”

Brikho invites you to attend the event to learn more about his promise to ensure a free America for our citizens. Unlike most politicians, Brikho sincerely upholds his oath to the Constitution. As the future Congressman, he will protect the rights and restore our republic.

In honor of the Second Amendment, George is raffling off an AR-15. You do not have to be present to win. Please call George to purchase tickets.

If you can not make it to the event please click the link to donate: https://client.campaignfinancial.com/brikho

Contact #: (586) 855-2500
Website: http://georgebrikho.com/
Event flyer: http://georgebrikho.com/events/

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Please stop spamming this candidacy here

at Daily Paul.

If you have nothing else to contribute to the community other than a new account's political spam, you will be banned just the same as any other spammer.

Thank You

This is not spam. My comment has 4 upvotes and the article has 0

I have only created two articles about George and both were drastically different. I made one comment on this post, where he was soliciting Daily Paul users for donations. I edited all my past posts about George, once I saw his true colors, because I did not want my past articles to misinform people. I think it is a good idea to unpublish the past articles. If I knew that was a possibility, I would have requested it myself, and simply posted the single article where I shared my opinions of George. I love the Daily Paul. I do not believe I have broken any of the rules of this website. Nor have I ever "spammed." I have, however, contributed several articles that were placed on the "front page" and seemed to be enjoyed. These include a post with screen caps of the NRA's Facebook handler bashing Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, the recent article about the Tosh.0 producer being shot by incompetent LAPD officers, and St Patty's baby bartender ;) I have always tried to be a positive contributor to the Daily Paul.

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This comment wasn't

directed at you Ghostbuster. It was to the OP. We are not going through the political battle / promotional spam, nor the anti-whichever-candidate mudslinging this round.

We had more than enough of that with the Gary Johnson / Write in Paul crap and the Freedom Fest / Paul Fest debacle. The site doesn't need to be flooded with either/or this time.

More specifically - we're not going to become that divisive battleground free billboard again. Not for the persistent promoters, nor for their persistent opposition.

A post or two is one thing on either side, when it begins to appear as taking advantage of the site or deliberate disruption, it's getting shut down.

George is a fraud

George is more fake than a three dollar bill. I first met him while I was working as a regional coordinator for Dr Paul's 2012 campaign. He seemed sincere at first , but I quickly realized that he is as dishonest as any establishment politician. He is completely unprofessional and he can not be trusted. If you want to donate to a real libertarian's campaign, donate to Justin Amash. Actually, there are several good new 2014 candidates, but George is not one of them. Here are two articles I posted on the Daily Paul to warn people about George and his campaign.