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Adam Vs The Man is looking to hire a Post-Producer

ADAM VS THE MAN is a 2 hour podcast hosted by libertarian activist, Adam Kokesh that airs Monday-Friday. To learn more check out: www.adamvstheman.com or www.youtube.com/AdamKokesh

Podcast Post-Producer: The AVTM Podcast Post-Producer is responsible for taking the raw recording of the podcast and turning it into the finished product of an audio podcast posted to Liberated Syndication, and videos posted to YouTube. This job requires a specific set of technical skills, but they can be taught to anyone with relevant video/audio editing experience very easily. In order to properly add graphics to videos, they must have an understanding of the message of the show. The job would be from 2:30pm to about 10:30pm (or whenever the job is done) M-F. After getting fully up to speed with a week of working from our studio in LA, this could transition to a remote position. To apply, please email adam@adamvstheman.com. If you are invited to interview, your interview will consist of a real live test of your technical skills while assisting Adam with post-production and technical problem-solving. Starting pay is $600/week.

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I still think Adam shoulda

I still think Adam shoulda gone out guns blazing...



Crossing fingers


He has created a job for someone. Kudos to him. I wish him

much success. If he continues to be successful, he will hire more people.


It's good for him that he's got all these piles of money

Laying around.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.