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Ron walked off stage at the very end! Yipper, while the others rushed to shake the greasy hands of their cfr brothers, Ron slipped out the back. Good show, Ron.

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Post Debate Interview Link

link to see
Post Debate - 5 minutes of non stop RP - followed by reading several
pro RP emails....


Feb 1 Bombs Away!

McCain and Romney's face

When McCain and Romney speak, the camera is on only them. When Huckabee and Paul talk, they show everyone. McCain and Romney both make the exact same face. They look at Huckabee and Paul like what they are saying is crazy. I don't get how anyone could vote for those guys.

I missed the debate because

I missed the debate because of this.

Visit The Paulunteer
Ron Paul Republican Grassroots Newsletter
Brian Bailey, Editor

Visit The Paulunteer
Ron Paul Republican Grassroots Newsletter
Brian Bailey, Editor
Ron Paul 2008
Southwestern Illinois County Coordinator


You didn't miss anything. It was a SHAM. Glad you had a better and more productive night than wasting it on the McRomney show.

"Aggressive wars, income taxes, national IDs, domestic spying, torture regimes, secret prisons, Federal Reserve manipulation -- we don't have to take it any more." -- Ron Paul

Link For Spin Room Post Debate Vid

this should get you to a version of the Spin Room Post Debate
about 5 minutes non stop RP and more pro RP emails read -
kudos to Cnn for at least this on line coverage -


don't fall into the trap - MSM wants to get us frustrated and fall away
and not talk to others about RP or canvass homes or donate anymore -

Oh ya, February 1st www.ronpaul2008.com Bombs Away!

I watched the debate by

I watched the debate by TIVO'ing it. So I fast forwarded to the Ron Paul parts. Despite the fact that my fast forwarding dwarfed my playing, it was better that way. From my vantage point, RP got more time than the others combined!

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by

i think mcinsane really shot

i think mcinsane really shot himself in the foot tonight.. same with Romney.. this is going to get interesting..n Ron Paul was the only one who came across as a mature adult!

A man among boys

Ron Paul towers over the other republican candidates. I'm sorry there aren't many republicans that can appreciate his intellect.
He says more in the limited time he has and its just stunning to watch. McCain is truly somebody who is not all there.

they appreciate his intellect

i'd say that they appreciate his intellect; the guy flew with Reagan on AirForce One to Texas; they clearly don't adopt those principles, however.

It was on the CNN post

It was on the CNN post debate live coverage. I sure hope someone recorded and spreads that video. Ron got probably four minutes of uninterrupted air time and really came across clearly on important issues.

They also read 5 or so letters from Paul supporters. They mentioned throughout the debate getting tons of messages saying people wanted to hear more from Ron Paul! That is great to hear!

Those of us viewing online

saw the interview in the spin room.

God bless sweet little Ron and his family. I wish we could give

God bless sweet little Ron and his family. I wish we could give him a big group hug. Guess donations will have to do =O.
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Paul did it right again.

It was obvious to the audience that we wasn't being included. The wait opens up the mind to listen and reflect once the opportunity finally comes.

He waited calmly and didn't yap about himself...people don't care about that. He talked about the issues at the moment when the audience would be most open to listen.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."



"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Time to hit that crazy AOL poll again folks...

Ron is slipping in the AOL poll.
I think the McCain "spammers" are at it again.
Along with the Romney-bots, and Huckles-berries.
get on over and straighten it out ASAP.
Pass it on far and wide.
"Happy Trails"


Spin Room Great!

Ron did walk right off at the end and evidently right into the
Spin room - he was the first to receive an awesome interview
and spoke for about 4 minutes or so ...I hope someone
taped this - (I don't have the means) ALSO, they must have
read about 4 or 5 emails all pro Ron Paul - I was so glad
I stayed with this show (as hard as it was) don't play into
the hands of MSM - they want us to get frustrated and
fall away.... what an incredible response RP had after
about 10 minutes of the 2 idiots bickering back n forth
like playground school kids - this was a strong moment
for RP. Carry On! Carry On!
Don't forget February 1
let's show them how weird we really are - a bunch of
krazy kooks - raising millions!

What channel are you watching??

I have had it on CNN and saw NOTHING of RP being interviewed. I don't think they have interviewed any of them.

There's nothing fake about Ron Paul!

Huckalooser got up and walked around the front of the tables so he didn't have to walk past Dr. Paul, and went right over to shake hands of Ramblin Romney and

I've been in situations like this - being ignored and marginalized, and to tolerate this for 1.5 hrs had to be extremely difficult - in front of millions!

I'm proud of Ron Paul and it will continue to be noticed by others.

Boots on the ground - nothing else!