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Mayors, Moms, and Millions - Protect Your Life with No More Federal Gun Laws

By: Tisha Casida

Former Mayor Bloomberg passionately pleaded for mayors, moms, and millions of Americans to join his crusade - and that the number of deaths caused by guns and suicide from "illegal" guns was over 30,000 a year.

In 2012, there were approximately 34,080 deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

In 2010, there were approximately 38,329 deaths from drug overdoses.

In 2012, there were approximately 1,638,910 deaths from cancer.

Guns aren't the problem - bad people are the problem. Sickness and disease are the problem. Moms, daughters, and strong women - do not be fooled by this crusade against "guns". Follow your heart, and your gut - who do YOU trust to protect you and your family?

Why do you call 911 if you are in danger? It is because "good guys" with guns will come to protect you (hopefully). Are you okay with dis-arming the police, sheriffs, and the military? If they can have guns - why can't we, as responsible adults?

CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS because THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW. More gun laws - specifically at the federal level - will do NOTHING to stop crime - they will only make more crime possible against people who deserve the right to protect themselves and their family. More laws are designed to dis-arm people - because there are already thousands of laws for back-ground checks and other means to "protect" you from criminals getting guns if those aren't working - NOTHING WILL.

I plead with you to research what happens to populations when they can't protect themselves - and remember that the more laws there are - the more criminals we create out of the people who are committing no crime.

Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three. She is an advocate for protecting property rights and a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and "officials" are easier to hold accountable. If you support her efforts, please show her with a generous donation - every dollar helps her reach more people!


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rEVOLutionary Ad campaign started...

Last night I started a new ad campaign on behalf of Tisha. The ads will be shown throughout Colorado up to the election in November.

7 ads so far, pointing to either youtube videos or to the casida2014.com site. I'm sure I'll crank out some more ads this weekend.

Ad example:

Tisha Casida for US House
Vote Tisha Casida for Congress
Protect property rights and Liberty

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

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Just donated....

25 FRNs to Tisha Casida! Who'll join me?

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

deacon's picture

Criminals are criminals?

Because they do not follow the laws?
Which laws on the books do not make criminals of us all?
AND,where does it state the fed or state can alter the 2nd amendment?
Them gov's have not the right to create criminals out of the citizens
through their changing of anything that goes against the 2nd.
This almost reads like the NRA giving testimony about the fed gov upholding the laws already on the books,instead of saying,You do not have the right
to change the meanings of words.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence