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Anderson Cooper Lied

When Ron Paul tried to get in on the question about who best represented conservatism, Anderson Cooper cut him off and said, "I promise you will get a chance to answer that in about two minutes."

Two minutes came and went, and then some, but Cooper never made good on that promise. Now ask yourself why he never came back to Paul on that question, and indeed why he never asked the question of Paul to begin with.

In case you haven't hit upon the answer, allow me to refresh your memory: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DPHDxMoieoQ

For those who can't be bothered watching, that's the clip that FOX News removed from the re-broadcast of their January 10th debate. The question was on Paul's electability, and he proceeded to state the case for why he was the only candidate who represented the traditional Republican Party. (This clip received over 9,000 Diggs [warning: may freeze browser], before YouTube deleted it. I enjoy thumbing my nose at censorship, so I uploaded my own copy, which I linked above.)

I submit to you that CNN knew full well that if Paul were allowed to answer that question tonight, the results would be similar, and Paul would make fools of the other candidates by merely stating the truth.

So, Cooper skipped Paul. Then Cooper shushed Paul. Then Cooper lied to Paul's face. And I for one am raging mad about it.

(Edit: With a cooler head, I've removed a choice word I had for Cooper. That doesn't mean I'm any less infuriated.)

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Let's get a group of people from NY with paint ball guns and

shoot the crap out of Andy Boy in some dark alley! All colors of the rainbow! that closet gay! We could get some really good looking muscular guys to lick him all over and convert him to the R[3VOL]UTION! The next one would be Lou Dobbs!!! LOL!!!

"You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more."


If Dr. Paul would have been allowed to answer that question he would have won over many many undecided voters who were watching last night. Cooper's bias lost us thousands of votes with that stunt!

Why the suprise?

All of these debates are being held by the very entities that have blacklisted Dr. Paul and his message all along. We have no other recourse than to do it ourselves, person by person, door to door. Man, liberty is hard, but what is our other choice?

These debate sponsors make me sick

Once again, the "non-chosen ones" on the stage were ignored. It was just as obvious tonight on the CNN "debate" that the network has no use for Dr. Paul, little use for Huckabee, and would just have preferred to have had Romney and McCain on the stage. Even my non political wife had no trouble seeing the unfairness of how the affair was handled.

I am more convincned than ever that if President Paul was to do something, the news media would hardly ackownledge that he even existed.

Tonight's mistreatment of a legitmate candidate reinforces our mission of spreading the word about Dr. Paul and making sure the people we contact know he is for real and simply ignored by the old stream news media. We have to do the job oursevles and not depend upon others.

Dr. Paul, as always, made good sense when he spoke. It would have been great if he had just asserted himself to get more time.

I'm really hoping that when

I'm really hoping that when this race is over, someone compiles all this unfair treatment into a book. I know I'd buy it.

Liberty for Dummies

What, Anderson Cooper, lie? Can't be

he's an American journalist with outstanding credentials. That's why he was in charge of the debate. Heck, he's as honest as Abe Lincoln.

Don't forget how in one of the early Republican debates, CNN had Edwards, Obama and Clinton supporters asking questions as "uncommitted" voters. Anderson Cooper claimed he knew nothing about the planted questions, LOL. What an insect.