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The Truth About Taxes - funniest Stefan Molyneux video ever

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Rebellion becomes Duty

I used to think something was wrong with me when I did not ever agree with MSM. Now I feel like a genius. Actually I was pretty sure I was no fool. Isn't it time for another David Stockman appearance here on the DP calling for Austerity (Agenda 21). Here's a little tipoff for BS...If they weren't on fire for Ron Paul and now Rand they are everyone's enemy.

This time don't give us Barabbus!

Well, I don't see why he has

Well, I don't see why he has to sugarcoat it like that.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

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LOL :)

LOL :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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He nailed it. Well put. Thank you Stefan.

He nailed it. Well put. Thank you Stefan.

I've felt like he does for years or a decade actually, even before learning about Ron Paul.

And that's why nobody around me ever dares to come to me complaining about the taxes they (or I) pay, for the so little that their dear (yes, sometimes, "their dear") welfare state "provides" them with.

My patience has been overcome long ago. And some people don't even bother to take "my" (his) version seriously... STILL.

I guess "history" and "lesson" are two of those endangered nouns, in the ongoing process of vanishing from dictionaries...

People can only hope to get what they deserve.

Sadly, democracyDEMAGOGUERY-O-MATIC also only sustains itself by killing individual incentives, and multiplying collectives of idiots and/or takers.

Just need to give more time to get to the unbearable pain threshold.

E.g., Venezuela-like, or etc.


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Think of this as an emotional release (RANT)

Yes this video is crass and in your face but think for a moment of the people you have tried to convince or persuade over the years who just refuse to acknowledge the truth or worse yet refuse to think critically about the powers that afflict us. You know, those victims of "Stockholm Syndrome" we all know and love. It is in this light that this video is to be viewed and enjoyed.

Well done Stefan!

PS This video is for entertainment only. Not recommend for use on real people :)

It can't be...can it?

I agree.. still hilarious though

Here's the antidote, so to speak, for the Molyneux video:


Excellent as well.

Excellent as well.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Would Ron ever call people idiots while trying to convert them?

Who is Stefan really talking to? What are the chances that anyone who didn't already agree with him actually listened to this and learned something? This is sensationalism for the sake of those who were already in his audience. Do you think Ron Paul would have a "Revolution" of supporters and converts if he was this much of a jerk and he called his audience idiots and told them they deserve what they get for being so stupid? Stefan likely didn't convince anyone who didn't already agree. When people yell at me and insult me, I'm emotionally conditioned to want to disagree with them. If they are right about their ideas, then that means they were right about how stupid I am. We don't win this way. We don't win just because we have the right ideas. We have to win the "hearts and minds". If Stefan really cares about his daughter and he wants to change people's minds, then he'd be wise to revamp his sales pitch.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

it's his style

it's not for everyone. ron paul has his style. stefan could have very easily got someones attention who does respond to this kind of approach. funny? mildly amusing, but the message cannot be repeated enough and in any way that appeals to you. look at alex jones. he's another one who has surely got some folks thinking. not my cup of tea, but obviously works well for others.

you have a better way to spread libertarian philosophy? go for it!!

haven't watched it, why is it so funny tho?


Over- the-top sarcasm

Stefan does it well. He has a rather charming personality, making the sarcasm funny, rather than bitter. Clearly not everyone shares the same sense of humor, but it worked for me.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Its not funny.

Its just rude. Its the kind of "funny" where some jerk tells everyone how stupid you are. They all laugh at you, but nobody really tries to help you. They all just keep laughing at you from inside their own echo chamber.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).


Were you made to feel stupid watching the video? I felt stupid (and that the gov was being rude) when I clicked "submit" to pay my remainng tax debt. I didnt need this video to help me with that. This site IS an echo chamber, and for you to call out a video a guy made about his rage with paying taxes that we should be against...but are all complacent with....is illogical.

And to others who've commented. Ive shared this video with many others... and they felt stupid just like this guy. They, however, are not members of the site, are not awake, and took it personally....but had a 'im getting f***ed by my gov't' type of reaction. Im working on them. If you think the message is sensationalist....just keep pouting.

ha ha ha

Well said!

The lesson never learned..


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Not enough...

Sorry Stephen but not believing them or not paying them is not a real option. This option, though a good start, is not enough to affect any meaningful change. They do, after all, have access to the printing presses. So if they do not receive the revenue from taxes then they will print what they want. If you do not believe them they still command the goons with machine guns that you paid for which they will, and do, send to our homes. The real answer is blood letting. Politicians who have empowered government for so long should be visibly and publically murdered in a way horrific enough to force the rest of politics to write one last law. The law should be the one that disempowers governments across the land. No more police raids, no more war on drugs, no more war on crime, scrap and tear down the prisons or make them into homeless shelters, scrap the public educations system and use the resources to inspire kids or rather for them to inspire themselves. Non-compliance unfortunately is no solution. They are still going to continue getting away with murder and much more. We have to start killing them. Do some good research so you can inform the public who the best person is to start with. Perhaps then they will get the message. But I will not be holding my breath.

For those who disagree what else would you do? Are you aware of the situation? Do you know that everyone in America is a television watching, radio listening, slave zombie? Do you know the scientific precision with which your mind is being molded and formed at your personal expense? Do you know that more Americans are murdered by police than by any other group? Do you know that the politician moneychangers are at the whim of the money printers? Do you know that WWIII is a planned event intended to consolidate global power? Do you know that you are a stooge in the now established New World Order? Do you know that you are a slave? Most importantly: Do you know that the people who rule this Earth have publically stated, and continue to state, that they want global depopulation with roughly five percent of the seven billion people left? That means that they want you dead! They have developed our current medical system around the premise of profits and eugenics. You are dead! They have developed a feed system where they could literally poison almost the entire Earth and that they ultimately intend to? You are dead! They have consolidated military power globally into the hands of the U.S., their global enforcer? We are dead! They have irradiated and are continuing to irradiated the northern hemisphere with the intention of making our planet less habitable so that you and I are dead. Why the hell am I not killing these people?