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Did Stanley Kubrick Work on the Moon Landing?

Hey Guys,

I spoke to Jay Weidner, one of the stars of the fantastic documentary Room 237, who discusses his beliefs that Stanley Kubrick faked the footage of the moon landing. There are lots of interesting twists and turns in the can of worms he opens up, and I can't recommend either Room 237 or Weidner's own film, "Kubrick's Odyssey," highly enough.

Mr. Weidner turned me on to an amazing website at www.aulis.com that shows some impressive "parallax" photos that seem to prove that the distances portrayed are all wrong. This is an idea that I've found actually holds some water with people who roundly reject conspiracy theories--what do you guys think? Was Neil Armstrong really the first man to walk on the moon?


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Kubrick would have shot more takes after Armstrong

flubbed his line stepping off the ladder.

2001: A Space Odyssey

This is a great movie produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick...

There are several scenes in the movie that could be interpreted as Kubrick hinting at the notion that there is much more to the moon landing, and that the government engaged in a massive cover-up, of... something.

Overall, this movie is yet another classic by Stanley Kubrick that once again proves the director/producer was way ahead of his time, and likely privy to top secret information.

The fact this movie was released in 1968, one year before mankind allegedly first stepped foot on the moon, is one more set of interesting circumstances.

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