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Chicken Love - Everyone Loves Chickens

Once we had a thread here that was lost in a site upgrade from years ago, simply titled The Chicken Thread. I believe it was originally Mike Lawson's, but its been a few years, so for now I credit it to him. But to our dismay, The Chicken Thread was lost long ago, during the site upgrades. A few have been re-kindled but just didn't fly.

So, in light of chicken lovers, and people who enjoy providing for oneself and their family, we release a new chicken thread. And now that you can embed pictures, it should be much more fun for our community chicken lovers.

Show us your chickens.

Chickens Love Too!

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They look like wise little

dinosaurs. Love them.

We went to the feed store today

and bought 7 R I Reds.They are so cute.Keeping them warm in a box in the house for now.

Fancy chickens

are an attraction in this Sacramento enclave, old town Fair Oaks. They have a chicken festival every year.

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Nothing beats Fresh Warm Eggs

Boil them babies up , salt & pepper. Our eggs are so creamy in taste. Also they are so large that the egg cartons do not close & a dozen weigh like a box of cement. Pure Non Gmo & no Fluoride water. They also get organic spinach , carrots , kale etc , hell I even feed them pork chop bones and enjoy watching them play keep away. I only wish I would of gotten chickens sooner , but better late than never.

Well worth the trouble indeed.

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Zoning Violation!

My wife raised 4 backyard chickens (hens) from chicks. All the kids in the neighborhood would come over and ask if they could play with the chickens. All the hens had names and were very tame because they were constantly around people. Kids would catch beetles and bugs for them. They would come over with handfuls of clover and dandelion they picked for them.

I'm an engineer so what did I do? I rigged up a great watering system, lighting system, and even mounted old computer case fans in one area of the coop so they could stay comfortable in the summer heat.

And we got tons of eggs, so we would give them to the neighbors all the time.

These chickens were seriously cared for. All table scraps went to them. Top quality feed was their staple. I tossed them a half eaten burrito supreme one time and Whammo! They attacked it like friggin' velociraptors.

Then in the mail one day: City of Holland Zoning Department hereby notifies us that we have committed a zoning violation, and have 30 days to make our property chicken free.

My wife was crushed, and the neighborhood kids stopped bringing over clovers and bugs, and the chickens were relocated out of town. That was a sad day.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

No offense but I would've told 'em to go f themselve's

then dealt with educating "them" about food and all kinds of other freedom!

And look, now all those kids think government is omnipotent.

Does anyone understand the word NO anymore???

Zoning! What's next Code Violation's? (Is there a difference?)

If they pass a law that says all blue eye citizens must wear an arm patch, you'd go along with it......?

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Thanks for the comment...

At the time we were not prepared to fight it and didn't relish the thought of giving an excuse for busybody city workers or the police to snoop around our property at their whim.

Best to know the zoning rules beforehand (which we didn't) and be prepared to fight for it (which we weren't).

The chickens were relocated to a farm and joined in a flock with perhaps a dozen other hens and 3 roosters. In our last check, they were all doing just fine and report they love their life on the farm :)

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Take it to your city council...


If it can be done in Orange County CA, it can be done anywhere. I'll be raising chicks this spring.

Article - http://www.ocregister.com/articles/chickens-355381-keeping-c...

The change in the law was spearheaded by resident Sharon Portman, who said that keeping backyard chickens provides a healthy source of eggs, and a non-chemical way of keeping insects under control.

"Keeping backyard chickens is safe, healthy, and is virtually unimposing, and it's a great hobby," she said.

Council members agreed, and said the decision is in keeping with promoting a healthier lifestyle.

"This is a nationwide movement," said Councilman Sal Tinajero. "It is bringing forth a new appreciation for children for where food comes from, for healthier foods."

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Here's some

I have these girls in raised pens in the barn - keeping them out of the weather and away from predators. Hope to build a chicken tractor this summer I can drag around and let them scratch.

In the kiddie pool, was throwing them compost full of redworms. They sure enjoy that! I've also read studies showing earthworm diet is as good as commercial feed.

I try for efficiency, so use these Gold Star and Leghorn breeds I got from Hoover Hatchery in Iowa. Noted for light body weight, so more feed goes to making eggs.

edit: apparently I don't know how to post a photo here using photobucket. Works on other sites.

To post an image at Daily Paul

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Posting jpg image

For us that are less pc literate could you step us through the process to post a jpg image. I have a pic on my pc of my chicken tractor that I would like to post to inspire others.

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Get an Imgur acct. It's easy, No pile of personal details either

(last I knew anyway)

After you do that,

While on your "Images" page on Imgur, just drag and drop the picture you want to upload from your pictures or documents onto anywhere on that screen.

After it uploads to Imgur, and you see the picture there, click on it.

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Chicken tractor

My 4x8 chicken tractor I designed & built

(Thank you Mike for the easy to follow instructions to upload pic)

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tractor. PVC, looks light enough to move around easily enough.

New Yorker Cartoon


Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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Techno Chicken

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Are those Barred Rocks?

I stayed with my Grandma during summers growing up, and helped her tend Dominiques (which look similar to me).

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They are hard to tell apart,

but I'm about 90% sure these two are Dominiques. The rooster is if I recall correctly. But it's hard to keep track after so many years - Lol. The hen, well, it's tough to say that she isn't a cross having raised a few broods with roosters of both breeds in the pen at the time.

The only difference between the two breeds that I ever noticed was that the Dominique's white markings are bright white, and the Barred rock's always seemed to be a little more yellowish.

Dominiques - alias "Pilgrim

Dominiques - alias "Pilgrim Fowl" - are the oldest breed in the US and are part of the ancestry of Barred Rocks.

The big noticable difference is temperment. They're both very people friendly. The Rocks are really laid back. The Doms are extreme foragers and always active (in the daytime). My wife describes Doms as "Barred Rocks with ADHD". Doms talk more, but are quiet about it.

Barred Rocks will usually just let you pick them up. Doms still have the "run away" reflex and will dodge at first, but once you do get them picked up they won't struggle or be upset about it. If you sit down for a few minutes they'll come over and hang out with you, and pretty soon you'll have one in your lap.

Doms will poke at or bite your pants legs (but not your skin) to get your attention. (They'll do this hard enough to tear little holes in a pair of dress pants.) Rocks will pretty much never poke at you at all. (Part of the breeding of Rocks was to come up with a bird that could be safely handled by a child.)

Doms go through a "gamey" phase during adolescence where even the hens posture and threaten (with all the classic cockfight moves, such as cone-fluffing the upper neck feathers), to the point that you'll think you've gotten a bunch of cockerels rather than pullets. But the hens don't hurt each other. Once they've gotten the hierarchy sorted out they tend to cooperate hunding for food, with virutally no squabbling. Rocks are a bit bigger and take no guff from other chickens. Though VERY peaceful with humans, they do reassert dominance intermittently and squabble over food.

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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

OK quick - what do you call a flying chicken?

'Here, chicken chicken chicken...'

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This may sound weird but...

I really like chickens. I'm looking for property now where I can keep them.

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Here's a few more of our flock: