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Daily Paul Gardens - 2014

Spring is here, love is in the air. Yeah right.

So anyway, Let's see your garden.

Show us your garden. Vegetables, flowers, whatever you may enjoy.

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So, do you call your cultivating "dust mulching?"

Have you used green mulches? My main antagonist is the heat. I almost think a cover of "weeds" might help more than hurt. But I took out the weeds because I didn't want them to go to seed. I'm thinking that maybe a weed like purslane would work between rows.

I'd like to be your apprentice. I'm just learning to start my own seedlings. How long have you been doing it?

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Quite a few years i_vote.

I highly recommend finding a place like a greenhouse that sells "Pro-Mix". And getting some used seed trays from them if they'll part with some (like some 84's and/or 288's), and a grow light system (or make your own much cheaper from florescent fixtures like I did) unless you are in a warm climate all year.

Here's some of my setup and the seedlings pictured is what you see in the most recent garden pics I just added in a comment on this thread:


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That is more like a farm, than a garden.

I can't wait to have a farm like that.

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Is that a goal of yours, Michael?

To have a farm?

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

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Just planted ours, will post a pic

Can anyone recommend something to keep the squash bugs away from the zuchini and squash plants?

The last three years we lost all our plants to them. Odd, because we never had them in the 15+ years we've been planting in the very same spot and this year I want to be prepared.

I was planning on using the shop vac, next time.

Thwep, thwep, thththwip.

I cleared out a crawling infestation of asian ladybugs once. shrugs.

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I can't figure out how to put photos in

Any help?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Offered a simple explanation how, in another of his recent threads, when using IMGUR.



Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, Imgur really does not function with my XP. Oh, well.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I only use IMGUR

You could try another site: http://postimage.org

Copy the 'Thumbnail for Website' link, paste into your comment.

Trying out postimage.

My apologies as I learn a new trick....


Oh, yeah...

That is Red Sails lettuce.

And it worked!

Looks farm fresh, with the hay. :)

Some of my favorite lettuce is organic red romaine, that I used in this recent meal.

PS. If your original image was larger than the image displayed above, try selecting a different link option that isn't "thumbnail" or resized. :)

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I have no problem with it and xp. Works great.

The morel of the story

picking fresh morel mushrooms in tenn. now Had roast beef and morel mushroom gravy , Morel spaghetti sauce already. Tonight will be egg noodles with morel cream sauce. Will finish up with morel mushroom soup .Next week fresh Polk salad with farm fresh eggs.

Money talks and dogs bark

not much growing yet, I will post pics in about a month

Except for ramps! I planted these last year in my little shade garden.
Ramps - one of the joys of April.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

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Ramps are awesome.

I'd like to find a shady and wet enough spot in this yard to get some planted. There aren't many ideal spots for them in our yard that are fairly close to the house though and the one spot I have, the chickens dig in too often when they get let out and it piles deep with leaves in the fall that would choke them out without constant clearing. : /


Never heard of them before today. But I have walking onions in my yard.

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Ramps taste like a cross between onion and garlic.

They're strong too. They're actually a wild leek I believe.

Eat one, they'll smell you two rooms away.

Eat a few, and they'll smell you two rooms away the next morning.

Purple Phlox...

I have purple phox blooming and my chives are really big and I am eating them. We have had daffodils and crocus blooming and some flowering trees. Other than that, only the purple salvia and day lilies are growing and a few perennials did not make it this year as e had unusual cold spell. I am anxious to start planting but really supposed to wait until Mother's Day, but I go for it on May 1...(we have some altitude here).

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My chives came back

very sparse and almost none this year, almost like something ate the bulbs or they washed out last year. I don't know of anything that eats chives though, half my lawn is wild onion grass. Most people smell grass when they mow, we smell onions for an hour or so. Lol And nothing eats those, that's for sure. They're as thick as the dandelions.

What part of the country

are you in? I am in Western NC, which is cooler than the rest of NC due to the Blue Ridge Mountains and altitude. Seems cooler this spring than previous...no "cake" yet, which is the worst pollen in the world if you have allergies, which I fortunately do not have. It is thick yellow and no use in washing the car as by the next morning it is all back again. I have heard people complain that in other parts of the country there are no bees, but we have too many here; always buzzing around when trying to sit out...this is considered a temperate rain forest and there is plenty of vegetation...so maybe that is why we have bees galore.

Nice bigmikedude

Some bad pictures from my back yard. Flowers are going crazy all over San Diego County.
 photo IMG_20140413_133600_zps3jabpm0v.jpg

 photo 19012615-983d-4452-b0e3-2279697e8664_zps975aa8e2.jpg

I'm in Arizona right now. The cacti are blooming... but this is spring time here- the snakes start coming out. (This poor guy was roadkill, unfortunately)
 photo IMG_20140418_110236_zps7septvsf.jpg

is that a California kingsnake?

It's a shame he got run over.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

Kingsnake for sure

Not sure if California or not. Markings seem a little different than a Ca king, but what do I know? Sucks someone ran him over. I saw a 7ft bull snake yesterday in the road, so I chased him into the bushes so he didn't suffer a similar fate.

As usual...

fairly early on I ran out of actual ground space for planting as much as I wanted to so I invested in some Smart Pots which come in different sizes, are made of a felt like fabric and can be purchased via Amazon. They can be placed in a patio, atop the side of a driveway or anywhere they will be exposed to sun.

It was a successful adventure as I was able to harvest many potatoes from not too many plants and they were very good to eat. For those who would like to plant but don't have the space this may be something to consider.

The pots were originally used by tree growers, they are light weight, reusable and keep roots cool in hot weather.

For me, growing in the actual ground is always preferable however if you don't have the space but don't want to miss out on the fun of growing your own food, these are well worth the try.

Do you need imgur

to post photos?

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I just use it because

it's fairly easy to use.

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This is ours so far this year.

(moved from main body to make the thread generic)

No apples without the bees

their all dead in my area!

Remember if you buy any kind of pesticides in the stores, it is a bee killer!

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