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Bundy Ranch Could Lead To Criminal Charges Against BLM?

As Western Journalism reported yesterday, a series of photos from the scene of a federal government standoff in Clark County, Nev. indicate Bureau of Land Management agents slaughtered multiple cows on the Bundy Ranch. After alleging the ranch’s owner, Cliven Bundy, had failed to pay federal grazing fees for a number of years, armed BLM agents swarmed the area, resorting to physical violence against members of the family and threats toward those who arrived to support them.

Allegations this week, in the aftermath of BLM’s decision to back down in the face of growing opposition, are perhaps even more outrageous. According to one report, federal officials systematically gunned down numerous head of cattle, allowing others to be trampled in unorthodox herding practices.

The agency was apparently so preoccupied with removing the cattle from the ranch in an effort to punish the Bundys that its agents disregarded safe protocol. Michele Fiore, a Nevada assemblywoman who has been on the front lines in defending the ranch against the government’s excessive force, detailed the atrocities she said occurred on the property.


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A family member just had on MSNBC

(lol ..I know, I know):

This puppet "anchor" Chris somebody had her on his show. And he has the Nevada assemblywoman thats been hanging around the Bundy ranch in the box to his right, and he's trying to ram through all the manipulative false talking points they're giving him to say.

She owned him straight up. Every time he tried to turn this around to be "our great Fedgov is only trying to do its job and these tax evaders and moochers are the problem" - she totally put him in his place.

Actually, she was practically laughing in his face at his suggestion that what BLM was doing with a paramilitary force against a family armed with snipers and attack dogs, destroying property, tearing down water facilities in the desert and slaughtering cattle AND the desert tortoise they are "trying to protect" (lol) ..

That he was implying that this was in any way OK, warranted, let alone American freedom loving and noble.

Shes a politician - so I'd definitely watch my back for that reason alone.

But hey other than that, I like her!

Criminal charges must be

filed against an individual. Ms. Fiore will need alot of luck trying to find the identity of Mr. Google Glass with the weird beard. If my guess is correct, all these BLM whoevertheyares are now safely ensconced in the government bureaucracy from which they came.

Wasn't He the Undercover Cop

...involved in the NYC West-Side-Hwy Biker Scenario?

I know...it's a stretch, but one thing...was that a "Blackwater" baseball cap tuned backwards?...so it couldn't be readily observed?

Checking out the videos to see if that was the case here.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!