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Albuquerque Cops Murder Another Mentally Ill Young Man! _April 18, 2014

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DOJ to the rescue!! Eric Holder liberty lover!! ..... not

This is such a joke.

DOJ throwing APD under the bus (where they deserve to be) to make Eric Holder and their department look better. They found the murders by police, "unconstitutional". How about finding them as the murders they are? Unconstitutional murders, at that. :(

Fact is the increased police brutality and militarized tactics of law enforcement which is leading to these problems has thrived under the current DOJ and the 'top LE officer' in the nation, Eric Holder.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Nothing will change till WE...

begin to learn the difference between the public law and the law merchant...we can indict them but we have to drop the citizen-ship...Tami Pepperman is winning ALL her cases...time to start protecting each other...


Why is this news?

The officer was just doing his job. It is S.O.P. for law enforcement to murder veterans, teenagers, the elderly and mentally hanidcapped.

Move on people nothing to see here.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I don't get it.

That cop was just bullying the guy to make him tough. Maybe the guy shouldn't of been retarded on that day and should of fought back. I can't feel bad for him. We need strong people and this cop was basically playing darwin and helping us.

Am I wrong ?? This is what the bullying thread taught me. When being bullied always fight back, and if you can't well than you're a weak pussy that needs a beating to toughen up.

Although my father likes to say if you want to make a man you have to break the boy.


troll on the ark.

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