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NSA Spying on the Way to Becoming Legal!

Last year the shocking truth was
finally revealed about the NSA spying
on Americans through their phone

Americans everywhere were in an
uproar, and Congress reacted to the

But not in the way we hoped...

A new bill introduced just a few weeks
ago, entitled “The Bulk Collection
Act,” supposedly puts an end to NSA

The problem? The bill does the EXACT
OPPOSITE, expanding the NSA’s ability
to spy and making it legal!

In this new bill, telephone companies
would store the phone call data, and
the NSA would have the power to sift
through them, without requiring a
judge’s approval beforehand.

Let me make this clear.

This is like having the police enter
and search your house without a
warrant, a practice banned by the
Fourth Amendment in the Bill of

You wouldn't know your phone
conversations were listened to, and
they don't even have to tell you why!

So what can you do to secure your

First off you can follow these steps
from my friend Chris Peterson, who is
a privacy expert:

1. Use email encryption and
anonymizers like
and http://hushmail.com for
emails you don't want others to
see. These services are easy to
use and often cost nothing.

2. Use a disposable phone that you
pay for at any gas station, for
sensitive communication that you
do not want others to hear. You
could also use a John Phone,
that doesn’t require personal
information to acquire.

3. Use PO Boxes to keep your real
address safe from spies and
trackers. You can even place a
forward from the PO Box to your
real address to avoid having to
collect your items. This will
provide a layer of protection
against people trying to find
where you live.

4. Opt-out of online information
brokers like Lexis Nexis,
WhitePages, Intelius, and others.
These services sell your detailed
information (right down to how
much money you make!), and is a
favorite tool of stalkers, big
business, and private
investigators trying to track you

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Thanks for the info,BT.

Thanks for the info,BT.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

“The Bulk Collection Act,”

“The Bulk Collection
Act,” supposedly puts an end to NSA