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The Occupation of America

The people of the United States of America are the subject of massive domestic terroristic activities perpetrated by the federal government and its agencies which have, in most cases, been militarized against us.

The Constitution limits the type of property the federal government can own and occupy. And, if our Constitution was in force, and the federal government had not been incorporated in 1871, the Bureau of Land (mis)Management and other federal sub-corporations would not be an armed and occupying force within the geographical boundaries of the states.

  • The wild horses and burros would not be illegally rounded up and slaughtered,
  • our forests would not be allowed to deteriorate and then to burn,
  • our water would not be contaminated with industrialized chemicals, fracking chemicals, drilling residuals,
  • our public lands within the states would be far better managed and maintained locally,
  • Desperately needed revenues from state assets would remain in the states and would not be funneled to the federal government via its corporate agencies.

Instead, our state legislatures have, in the past, contracted with the federal corporations to allow them to establish and implement their business plans, taking land, water and resources at the expense of the public. Even today, state legislatures continually enter into agreements with federal corporations that adversely affect the people. Everything is for sale, including “we the people”.

Now, under Obama’s promise of constructing an massive inland police force, federal agencies are assembling military style forces for use inside the geographical boundaries of the states and have begun attacking private citizens and businesses. The FDA and USDA have “swat teams” that include tanks, grenade launchers, AK-47‘s, military helicopters and “troops” the size of military battalions. The recent stand-off with rancher Clive Bundy revealed a threatening display of agency “military” force. These forces were constructed to by-pass local law enforcement and state laws.

We are no longer a free country

We have forfeited our freedom. Too many of us cowered in fear after the attacks of 9/11, many still believing the implausible tale of “foreign terrorists” attacking us, bringing down the Twin Towers in a manner envied by demolitions experts everywhere and doing so with jet airliners that they did not know how to fly. If the government conspiracy theory had any truth to it, who, in their rational mind would think that the appropriate response would be to launch a full scale attack on the American people? And, isn’t that exactly what they did? Our own government turned on, “we the people”, and have relentlessly attacked us ever since through various pieces of rights robbing legislation. Supposedly the only way they can keep us safe is to convert us into prisoners in our own country.

Our land, our water, our food, our state owned assets are now under virtual corporate federal control, supposedly because they are protecting our assets, water and food supply from terrorists somewhere far, far away living in a cave and plotting against us.


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The following group of people

seem to have been supporting the essence of your thesis for several years now. The have done extensive research and work in this matter and have weekly telephone confernce calls that discuss the details and history of what you are talking about.

I have yet to see the key documents. You decide.

The 'government' has been overthrown by criminals

It's so obvious to any one paying attention to the details but the sheeple stay in their pen of ignorance and keep paying criminals to destroy everything around them.

The 'courts', STATES, cities, universities and all 'government' departments are now corporations. It is not the government, the corporation of criminals who overthrew the government just named the corporation the same name as the government that was overthrown. The fact that it is not the government means we are actively being defrauded by criminals and are not required to business with them in any way.

The sooner people wake up to this fact the sooner their resources available to feed armies of criminal psychopathic barbarians will evaporate.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

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Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

"So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page."