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Meal Sickens People at Food Safety Summit

Side of Irony?

Maryland health officials are investigating possible cases of food poisoning at what may be the worst-ever venue — a gathering of government and industry leaders attending a national Food Safety Summit.

At least four people called the Baltimore City Health Department this week to report that they developed diarrhea, nausea and other symptoms about 12 hours after eating a meal April 9 during the conference at the Baltimore Convention Center.

That was midway through the annual meeting held April 8 to 10 that attracted more than 1,500 food safety professionals, including staff from federal agencies as well as businesses such as McDonald’s, Tyson, Chiquita and ConAgra Foods.

“None of us are very happy when we hear these things,” said Peggy Daidakis, executive director of the center.

Word of the investigation spread Thursday when Bill Marler, a Seattle food safety lawyer, posted online a survey sent to him and other conference speakers and attendees asking them to report what they ate and how they felt after the meeting.

“We have not yet determined how people became ill, and we want your help to do so, even if you did not get sick,” wrote officials with the outbreak response unit for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


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Ever heard of Levy Restaurants? they cater to sports venues.

When I managed a concessions stand at Lambeau Field I had to go to a mandatory food safety training hosted by them. After watching 2 or 3 videos about how great they were we finally got to the safety training. All the right answers were already circled on the sheets, so we buzzed through the training and played bingo for the balance of the time.

Levy no longer has the Lambeau contract.

Good luck at the Churchill Downs assholes.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Good luck at the Churchill

Good luck at the Churchill Downs assholes.