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Question: Should we pay Government fee for Bundy? Thus call governments bluff ?

I have a question: Should we pay Government fee for Bundy?

There may be a bigger Issue at hand about the stupid fees, But if this is about a government Land grab for Dirty Harry would it not be worth it to expose the fact that no matter what the price Harry wants the land for China?

Should we put feelers out and see if this would be a good Idea. Is it worth 1.2 million to expose this Dirty Harry and corrupt government ???

Go to work guys and hash this out for the world to see.


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Well from what I gather Bundy

Well from what I gather Bundy didn't have a problem paying the fees but with the contract the BLM wanted him to sign before he could make a payment.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain


Hell No

Their bluff has been called, and they have been exposed. The only thing left to see is their reaction.

The only safe way out for them is to walk away, but we know that they won't.