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Does anyone know about this? What they are saying about Rand.

I don't come here as often as I used to. Catch me up on this.

From Reddit....no links to story as usual for Reddit.

Kentucky Dems royally screw over Rand Paul's 2016 plans


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I'm not sure who would be happier with Rand not running

The Democrats or the Republicans, he is a threat to both.


Rachel maddow had a big segment on this Thursday nite,,,,,,
I was shocked no one mentioned it and it's not on the front page

they royally screwed him over
smart move if your a democrat,,,, can't blame em

I feel you should hold one job at a time,,,,
such as it pisses me off that my gov. krispy kreme is flying all over the country for the RGA,,,, and nothing is being done in nj,,,, what a disappointment he is
did a couple things to build cred and just riding, coasting to the finish line

unless state gov't changes minorities, majorities,,,, rand may just be up the creek

There may still be a way...

Loop hole #1: I think they can have a separate primary for the presidency and do it on a different day--though it would be more expensive for the State to do that. That way Rand wouldn't be on the ballot twice.

Obviously, it would be cheaper and more cost effective if the dems in the Assembly allowed it on the same day so that Rand can run for mult positions simultaneously.

Loop hole #2: The ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT situation is Rand doesn't run for president in KY. Or pulls off a write-in campaign for presidential primary. KY was never a major player in the primaries. One state lost (though his home state)--big whoop! With that said, I think this whole dilemma is a non-issue.

Let the games begin! I'm ALL in!!! Who needs KY--it's gonna be a RAND-slide anyway!!!

And I Thought That He Had it All Locked Up

...the drama of politics.
No sweat...he'll just play doctor for a few years...like his dad.

I'm surprised he even considered pushing for this.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I don't think it's over yet - Rachel Maddow

did a segment Thursday, it's sickening.


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I was disgusted by the comments

I read the article you linked. What raving snark! The comments were so shallow that it was hard to find anything to debate. But I left my 2 cents anyway.

My comment is being moderated. I'll go back in an hour and see it it's been posted.

Left another reply to a reply

Geesh. Like talking to grade-schoolers.

Hmm, interesting

"So Rand Paul wants to run for President in 2016. Rand also wants to run to keep his Senate seat at the same time in case his White House bid doesn't work out.

In order to do so Rand needs the Kentucky state legislature to pass a law that would allow him to appear twice on the same ballot, as Senator and for the Presidency, something that has happened several times since LBJ first did it. Of course, the Republican controlled Kentucky State Senate happily obliged, they passed a one paragraph bill to let Rand run for Senate and the White House. The Assembly in Kentucky is controlled by Democrats and they said, hmmmm, let me think, no.

Yeah, it must suck to have the Senate pass something and then have a lower legislative body kill it."


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