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South Park Cartoon Destroys the Federal Reserve.

Hey liberty folk's found this funny episode of south park last night and wanted to share it, enjoy!


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'The' Economy

I think one of the major issues with 'our' Economy is that the Government and many among us treat it as a singular National economy rather than 120 million or so (households) economies.

Economics is literally (Household Management). An 'economy' is the management of 'a' household. I don't recall if Hayek, Smith, or some other economist helped me make this connection, but Micro Economics is management of one's own household where Macro is management or coercion of many households. This is quite important to think about because Micro is Free Enterprise where Macro is in practice Monopolistic.

If we had 120 million or so Households that were engaged in managing themselves, and being quite stingy with what they allowed others or Gov't to manage for them, we would see a far more healthy sum of economies. When our sum of economies is treated as one, it is far more susceptible to Central Planning which Hayek has shown is in reality Central Ownership.

The National Economy is more akin to an Ecosystem, quite literally a system of Economies. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I've tried to make this connection with the modern liberal before and they somehow disdain the idea of a few people centrally planning, coercing, and meddling with a 'natural' ecosystem, but find it necessary to centrally plan, coerce, and meddle with a human created ecosystem (economy). It is okay to 'feed' the most dangerous predator on the planet and make them dependent upon others, yet feeding the bears is an unholy act.

Funny, but no rips on the Federal Reserve

Thanks for the video link, but your headline is factually incorrect; it doesn't actually "destroy the Federal Reserve". Although it correctly explains some problems in pretty good detail, it never even mentions the Federal Reserve, not even once in passing.

You're grasping horribly to claim that this episode "destroys the Federal Reserve". It's more accurate to say that it "destroys" banks, the Treasury, and Christianity, since it is clearly mocking each of them, in addition to a vague, passing jab at both conservative and liberal talking heads (with two of the other "soapbox preachers" in the scene at 3:33).

In fact the closest thing that it comes to mentioning the Federal Reserve's role in the economic crisis is when the first soapbox preacher blames "the government" for "keeping interest rates too low for too long". We know that it was the Federal Reserve that did that, but this video twists the quote as a complaint about "the government" and mocks the idea.

Far from "destroying the Federal Reserve" this video works against our attempts at waking people up about the Federal Reserve's role in the mess. It actually depicts "faith in the economy" as the answer, specifically that borrowing and spending more as the way to recovery.

Think before you write your headline and try to see what is really being said, instead of what we would like it to say.

You may recall...

The boy sitting there paying everyone's bills with an "unlimited" credit card?

Ahhh, squirrel fishing

sweet memories of my youth...back when the parks were brimming with them.

and it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was one of the best episodes

wish they had a new show each week,,,, not enuff new ones

seems like this year ,, they only had 5 or 6 new ones


Awesome episode. That opening scene makes me laugh out loud everytime!


which is like a bump with hilarity

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.