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Whatever happened with Bitcoin?

You don't hear much about it anymore. It used to be all everyone ever talked about. Did everyone get rich or something?

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Seems like a sore subject.

There used to be all these obnoxious boosters and evangelists telling everyone else what to do with their money. Now it's just awkward silence and short tempers. What is one to make of it?

Well it turns out

you won't hear about it on this thread, as you are just a piece of crap.

For those really interested, here is the latest: http://www.dailypaul.com/317166/what-did-not-happen-at-mt-gox

Perhaps I missed something,

Perhaps I missed something, but why would BILL3 be a piece of crap for merely asking something?

just like any other ponzi scheme, just less down side insurance

since the victim to the capital is government.

never mind BTC, but virtual currency is what people are awaiting to see 3D printing and monetization of open source industrial uses.

Although it was much too earl for its time, there is not much ole ben franklin can't accomplish... just not enough true P2P internet commerce.

Eventually VC will change e-commerce on the individual level... but a bubble is a bubble and I got in, made some gains, and got out with a nice 400% return.

IMO, it was a risky investment that paid off and turned 60 rounds of silver into 240... worth it!

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Right now, bitcoin is in a

Right now, bitcoin is in a phase where we are past talking. No use in putting the effort in convincing people, since we have enough people convinced to work on the ideas. The ideas put into practice and the subsequent rise in price as a result of that will speak for itself and convince the rest of the populace. It's time for action and not talk. Expect a sudden flurry of news again around July when secondmarket's exchange is operational.

Things happen kind of fast around here

'Around here' meaning Earth, 2014.

A plane went missing somewhere over the Pacific and they stopped covering everything else on the planet for over a month.

Its fine. It's been hit by inevitable growing pains, bad actors in the industry falling out, warped 'media' coverage, and so-called leaders trying to figure out ways to either exploit it or stop it.

Meanwhile behind the scenes a lot of innovation and investment is going into building a business community that is getting it ready to go mainstream.

The price fell to the low 400s but lately its broken back up over the 500 mark and may be ready for another swing upwards. Its a tough bugger.