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My Daughters don't get along.

My best example of voluntaryism has been with my 2 daughters. One is 10 and the other is 13. They do not get along at all. Tonight we had a talk about how we treat each other. The way they approach other persons will determine many things in the future. I told them that things will get harder. Much harder and that you each have an opportunity to help each other out in the future hard times. I think they really got the message.

This may go for us all as well. We all have our own individual lives but we know what is coming. How can we all make sure that we are there for each other? Maybe buy some land and build some greenhouse and teepees? The possibilities are endless for us nice people.

They cried and hugged. These are the things that are possible.

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voluntarist commies

We have a bit of a problem (especially according to my wife) with laziness around here. Actually, "laziness" is a bit of a relative term. The kids like to read books, do scientific experiments, build things, rebuild things like carburators, and play instruments (things that most parents and we are happy to have them doing) more than clean house and work in the garden. In particular, my wife (the central planner) was producing a list of things for each child to do each day, and it was her contention that those tasks were not being adequately addressed.

To maintain peace, I went as far as getting them all to admit that there were things (on the list) that needed to be done around the house, and that they had a personal interest in having their mother complain less. So far, so good. Then my oldest daughter had a brilliant idea. Let them fill out the lists with their own chosen tasks. I added one condition that they had to execute (on average) one solid hour of honest cleaning/maintenance/straightening up each day.

In short, it's working. (About 4 months now and a lot more is getting done with a lot less complaining from my wife.) We're still communist, in the sense that they have a fair amount of free time being fed from Papa's paycheck. But we're working on getting them into some more productive pursuits. Hopefully, they have an opportunity to do that without having their productive labor stolen according to the warped ideas of the majority statist psychopaths in this society.

P.S. All four of them were willing to help me yesterday scraping (hair) and fleshing three hides that had been soaking in lye for about two and a half weeks and were pretty ripe to say the least. It's hard for me to complain about kids like that. Oh, and while I'm bragging, my second oldest shot a 216 over the weekend on the 1940's Army Qualification Test, which is pretty challenging for most anyone with a modern magazine fed semi-automatic rifle. The kicker is that she did it with a *bolt action single shot*. Don't be downrange from her!

Saturday morning

around our house was housecleaning chore day. We kept a jar with slips of paper inside that had a different chore listed on each one. Early Saturday morning we would get the jar out and have a great time with whoops of delight or moans depending on your luck of the draw that day. Made it fun!~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

My two daughters tormented the hell out of each other.

But god help any one else who picked on either of them. They are now both very mature and successful individuals who are very close and who love each other to death.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

My older sister

and I had problems as children. As a matter of fact, she almost choked me to death when I was about 2 and she was about 4 1/2. I assume it was sibling rivalry; she was the princess and I was the intruder. I can remember her always fighting with me because as a two year old, of course, I had no concept of "I" or "you", it was all one thing. We have a younger sister, but I did not have any problem with her nor did my older sister. My older sister, older by 2 and 3/4 years seems to still have sibling rivalry towards me. I have never felt the same way towards her, actually looked up to her until about 10 years ago. Then she told me how much she hated me and could not stand the thought of being in the same room as me. I was very sad and prayed a lot about this; then I realized it was her problem, not mine and concluded just because we had the same parents, did not mean we had to have a relationship. Lately, we have been communicating by email, which seems to work the best for us. It is what it is; I no longer care more about her than I care about anyone else. Love to all.


Now convince them to ditch the tv and throw it out ;)

My brothers and I never got

My brothers and I never got along well. You know what, we still dont like each other. Although I am closer to indifferent to one of them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


My sister and I were about the same age spread as your two girls and didn't get along too well growing up. For all our many squabbles I would give anything, anything at all, to have her standing here today and for the all the days ahead.

Hugs for your and your daughters~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

If I may

This reminds me of my brother and me. There were times growing up when we didn't get along either, despite there being a strong bond and love. We had physical fights all the time over the years when we got on either other's nerves. Even knowing the consequences to us from the outside (parental government), we still indulged in the fights. How much worse it might have been in the absence of the parental government, in our moral upbringing, or in our real love for one another.

We never killed each other, but any first fight entails the risk of accident, injury or death, and like so many kids, we took these risks willingly without being morally evil people. Selfish, egoistic, angry, etc., but not sociopathic.

Eventually of course we stopped using violence against each other, due to any number of reasons: maturing sense of self-restraint; being less on top of each other, the fact that adult fist fights face different social norms and legal issues, and so on.

However you look at it, our earlier behavior was not voluntarist, it employed violence. This is normal human behavior, despite wishful thinking to the contrary. At least one side was initiating violence and in the absence of sufficient deterrents was willing to do so.

I'm not sure what my point is, only that violence and fighting are aspects of human interaction that don't inhere exclusively in some tiny sociopathic minority. It is part and parcel of what we are. Without moral and legal restraints, and without a society offering the proper incentives and deterrents, there is no reason violence would not be much more widespread.

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A lesson for us all

Thank you for sharing with us your lessons from life.

He's the man.

They both chose you as their parent..

...so that's one big thing they both have in common.

You're always so kind when you tread here.

I welcome your words.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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"This may go for us all as

"This may go for us all as well. We all have our own individual lives but we know what is coming. How can we all make sure that we are there for each other? Maybe buy some land and build some greenhouse and teepees? The possibilities are endless for us nice people.

If I'm remembering correctly, DP member Barracuda_Trader posts from time to time about buying property and getting a bunch of DP members / like minded people to basically live there. If he sees this message maybe he can elaborate a bit on that in relation to what you posted.


I like this idea!

I like this idea!