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Dead for now: Kentucky bill allowing twin Rand Paul 2016 runs

(CNN) - A bill allowing Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul to simultaneously run for the presidency and re-election to his U.S. Senate seat in 2016 died earlier this week when the Kentucky legislature adjourned for the year.

The bill had passed the Republican-controlled state Senate, but stalled in the Democratic-controlled state House of Representatives.

The state's Democratic governor, Steve Beshear, is highly unlikely to call the legislature into special session to consider the measure. And that means if Paul's allies in the state legislature want to try again, they're going to have to wait until the legislature reconvenes next January


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I posted a link last night on a thread about this

it was from Maddow's show Thursday. She pointed out that the law was changed in many states, particularly for LBJ, Joe Biden and others. At the end of the segment, the Libs are gathered around chuckling and joking about how they avoided bringing it to a vote.

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This Dr. Paul will choose Washington...

I have no illusions, KY has another libertarian in the wings, Paul will move into the Presidential race, without blinking.....

Even if the law is not changed, it would not seem to prevent

Rand from appearing on the ballot for President in the other 49 states while running for re-election to his Kentuckey Senate seat.

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That is what I thought as well

Will he need Kentucky's 8 electoral votes to win?

I read that if Rubio runs, he'll give up his Senate seat. Ron Paul gave up his House seat to run in 2012.

What I find amusing is that politicians always want to change laws -- when it suits them.

A law is not really a law if it can be changed.

Can the law of gravity be changed? Does even God have the authority to change the law of gravity.

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If this stands, then Rand will have a choice to make.

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So Arizona law

allowed it for McCain?

What fickleness (and unfairness) exists in government.

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He will run anyway

We all know most states allow it, so a supreme court case will reaffirm his right to run for both.

Suprised no one has said it.

Him not committing to one or the other is going to hurt him either way.

His opponents can now almost easily judge his political assault as a power grab. (since he doesn't really have positions, what more could be deduced) He went from being a Dr. to a senator and won't go back. It's a typical democratic thing to do actually, and if I remember correctly the person most associated with the tactic is LBJ.

Running for president = He's not really a man of Kentucky/ Kentucky is only his stepstone. He's really a federalist and Kentucky is too small for a man with ambitions of being the president.

Running only for senator = afraid to commit because unlike his father he won't be able to stand losing so gracefully only to pop back up in four years.

Not trying to take jabs at him, but putting for what most likely is going to be spun heavily.

Run anyway

What are they going to do about it?

Defend Liberty!

politics (you can have them)

is all about deals, dirty deals, backroom deals, $$$$ deals,
they'll work something out. the dems just want to watch rand squirm til jan.


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